Earlier today I thought about writing about the fact that our dining room carpet was covered with little bits of discarded baby food, and that it was really sad that I just didn’t care all that much.  But I think the fact that I noticed indicated that I *do* care, because the chairs were duly removed from the room, plastic baby floor mats taken up, and the carpet vacuumed.  Okay, so, at least one baby mat is still pretty gross and needs to be properly washed, but that will have to be another day.  It’s too much work to try to scrub in the kitchen sink because I can only do a tiny section at a time, and then where to set it to dry?  Not my favorite task.  But unfortunately, one that could usefully be done about, oh, every 3 hours.  At least if I cared enough.  Which I don’t.

My parents are coming to visit in a few weeks.  Which means that my two halves are warring.  One half wants the house beautiful, organized, and sparklingly clean.  The other half just doesn’t feel like doing the work and would rather research curriculum books and DVDs to work on homeschooling with my toddler.  The two halves take turns running my day.  Today the lazy half took the kids to the shoestore to buy Josie new shoes (up to toddler size 4 already!) and to the park.  The industrious half handled aforementioned carpet vacuuming, laundry, and dishes.  And that’s about all I got done today.  The problem is that industrious half needs more than a few hours to get ahead of the chores that *have* to be done in order to actually get the house looking better.  It’s a bit like swimming upstream.  It doesn’t help, though, that any cleaning I do now will be undone before the parents come anyway.  I tell myself that the best thing to do is organizing-type activities, because those, once done, might actually stay done, and will make the cleaning stuff that I need to do in that last week easier.  We’ll see.  Too bad the kids aren’t old enough to really get them to productively help!

I made a friend today, at least, which was great.  I’ll call her Kristen, and her daughter Eve.  Her daughter is 21 months, so right smack in the middle of my girls (32 months and 10 months), which is sort of funny.  Very cute little pigtailed toddler who reminds me a great deal of my cousin Jen when she was small.  They’re away this weekend, but Kristen is going to call me next week and maybe we’ll get the girls together.  I’m so excited… a potential friend!  She’s a Christian and everything (we were discussing looking at churches–she’s new to the area as well–and baby names from the Bible).  I really hope we manage to get together next week.  Maybe Eve would like to come play in Beth’s kitchen.  At the park, Beth hit it off really well with Eve, taking her hand and leading her around the park, showing her her favorite things, etc.  So I hope that continues.  Josie also enjoys Eve because Eve is smaller and a bit gentler than Beth, and Josie sort of sees her as a fellow baby.  Fun.

Going to try to get some writing done tonight.  Still have a lot of work left, even though brainstorming is going well.


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