It’s 9pm on base, and they’ve just finished playing “Taps.” This is definitely one of my favorite things about living on base. I love hearing the National Anthem at 5pm. And “Taps” at 9pm is new, they don’t do that at our base. They have nice recordings (or they do it live, I don’t know) here. Much better than at our base. My husband will be impressed when he returns from field training, I think.

That’s right, we’re currently living on a different base, one in the Deep South, where my husband has a six-week training course. We came down here and barely got settled before he had to go off for field training for a week. So I’m living with Josie in a hotel room on base (while Beth is having a visit with my parents). It’s something of an adventure. I *have* to get the room cleaned and laundry done tomorrow. I hardly have room to walk, with stuff just dumped all over the place. But I was busy going to the commissary, the BX, the library, the family center, the playground, etc. Tomorrow I really need to work on the room, though, because the next day there are a bunch of spouse activities, and then the next day Seth comes back from his training and I want the place to look somewhat nice.

One thing I’m trying while he’s gone is coloring my hair. I’m starting to go gray (I know, and I’m not even 30 yet!) and feel sort of frumpy with it when I leave my hair down. “Down” for me is not entirely free, but pulled back with barrettes, because my hair is too thick and bushy to just leave entirely free. But the barrettes really make the gray even more obvious because there’s a lot of it at my temples. There are ponytails, of course, but still. Anyway, I’m dying it slightly red. “Auburn.” I think it’ll be a fun experiment. Hopefully it will turn out nicely and not clash with my bridesmaid dress for a wedding I’m in in 3 weeks! If I need to, though, I can always re-dye it back to its original color before the wedding. I think. I hope.

Josie is a bit grumpy in the hotel room. She misses her sister/playmate, I think, plus she has to get used to a new room and new stuff. Once I get things cleaned and organized tomorrow, she’ll have some more playspace on the floor, which should help. Maybe we’ll also have better weather so I can take her to the playground again.

In a way being here is like a mini-vacation. I can nap when Josie naps (usually Beth is up, so I can’t), and I don’t have the pressure of needing to clean the entire house. Josie also doesn’t make nearly as much mess of her toys as Beth does. I expect to be able to get some TV watched and some cross-stitch done while I’m here, maybe some knitting, so that will be fun. They also have lots of spouse activities planned that I hope to join in. I like a lot of the girls, although it seems like the ones from the previous group (the training sessions are staggered, so some of the spouses are halfway through, others are just starting) are a bit friendlier. Might just be that they’ve been here longer and are a bit more comfortable, though, so hopefully that will change. There aren’t a whole lot with kids, which might be because a lot of the men apparently just graduated from the academy. So lots of summer marriages and new military wives! There’s one other woman who has two kids close to Beth and Josie’s ages, though, and she’s been married the same length of time as well. Maybe we’ll hit it off.