Back home again

So, we’re finally back in frozen New England. And I do mean that literally. I am so not a snow person. Sigh. It’s really cold outside and a few inches of frozen snow on the ground. Heat has finally been turned on, and the hot water heater should have enough for a shower soon, I think (I’m waiting a little bit, as we only just turned the heater on a few hours ago and Seth used some hot water to shave).

Anyway, we’re home at least. Got in a little after 1am last night. Man, was it cold! We accidentally buried the pack ‘n’ play behind a ton of heavy stuff in the back of the minivan, so Josie slept on a pile of blankets/sheets with two of those pillows with arms at her head and feet (to give her the illusion of being in a comfortably small space). Beth got to sleep in her own bed, at least.

Today, grocery shopping, crib assembly (or at the very least, pack ‘n’ play assembly), and sleeping. And perhaps, if I’m feeling up to it, unpacking. We only got about 3 hours of sleep, so my eyes are burning.

In a wonderful irony, Josie, who got up at 5:45, is lying on the floor on a pile of coats looking like she might doze off, but I can hear that Beth just woke up upstairs. They never seem to coordinate their nap schedule willingly.

So, whining aside, I have good news! Seth and I are expecting a new little sibling for Josie at the end of next summer! We just found out, and I think now that the major family members have been told (our parents and siblings, mostly), I think it should be reasonably safe to post on my blog. I’ve already set up my Google homepage with pregnancy tickers. Because I am that much of a dork. We’re incredibly excited (sorta hoping for a boy this time, but we’ll take what we get! we do love girls!).

I can definitely hear Beth wandering around upstairs, so I’d better go supervise. ‘Til next time!