Snow, snow, and more snow

So, snow is nice as a novelty, I’ll admit.  It’s pretty, and I sort of like the closed-in feeling.  No point in going out today, too much snow!  But eventually enough is enough.  Enough snow!  I’m not a big fan of having to wear boots every time I leave the house, just because it’s the only way to get the kids in the car without getting my feet soaked (because the minivan is just about the width of the driveway, so there’s no real way to stand *in* the driveway and get the kids loaded.  I’m about ready for Spring.  And to think we’re still in the middle of winter with months left.  <sigh>  New England is not for me.

I’ve started to get a bit worried about all the Disney Princess movies we seem to be watching, and instituted a new “Princess movies only on the weekend” plan.  Sesame Street or nothing (maybe an occasional French DVD) on weekdays.  That’ll limit things a bit.  Besides, I want Josie to experience Sesame Street, as I really feel that Beth learned a lot from it.  I remember at her second birthday party she was singing the ABCs, and that’s less than eight months away for Josie.

Speaking of birthday parties, we just had Beth’s third birthday while we were visiting home.  She had it Princess-themed, of course, even though her guests were her baby sister and her three male cousins, who I’ll call Joshua, Brian, and Noah.  They didn’t seem to mind (well, Seth being six months old, I doubt he really noticed).  I got each a boy balloon to go with Beth’s four Princess balloons, and I think the balloons were the most popular thing at the party.  We played “Pin the Cinderella on the Castle” (very cute game sold at PartyCity) and, most importantly to Beth, had cake and ice cream.  Princess cake (decorated by yours truly).  Not Princess ice cream, though.  Cake did not turn out as well as I’d wished.  There were four princesses on it, and since there were so many, the faces were pretty small, so it was very difficult to make nice-looking faces and especially eyes.  So they looked a bit weird.  But, oh well.  The rest of the princesses turned out all right, and, after all, she’s three.  Hopefully by the time she’s seven I’ll have improved somewhat.  She asked if her friend from our temporary station at the military base in the south, Rebekah, could come to the party.  It was rather painful to tell her no, Rebekah lives in Utah.  “She could come on a plane!”  Poor thing.  She really hasn’t had much opportunity for making friends here yet.  I’ve been trying to set up playdates, etc.  But at three, it still takes a while for them to start interacting–there’s still a lot of parallel play–and I feel bad that just when she finally got to the point of having a real friend, they had to be separated.

One of her favorite presents was the set of Beauty and the Beast Polly Pockets from her father.  She has a Cinderella set and a mixed princess set, but she’s been wanting a Beast, particularly, for quite some time.  She also really likes the cape for Belle and the pretty new clothes.  So she’s been spending a lot of time playing with those.  When she plays with blocks, it’s to build a castle for them.  She brings them on adventures in the hamper and the clothes drawer, the couch, and her dollhouse.  It’s really endearing to hear her little stories and conversations that she has among the dolls.  Often whole sections of the movie are acted out/narrated.  It’s amazing how far that little squiggly blob you give birth to comes in three years.  As Seth says, she’s really a person now!

Okay, maybe my problem in coming up with new posts is that I go on and on, and then I have no fodder for future posts.  So I’ll end this here instead of trying to think of more things to say, and maybe in a few days I’ll actually have more to talk about!