Perpetually sick

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve gotten two bad colds in the past two weeks that have really knocked me off my feet.

First, Seth got sick, and Josie seemed a bit sick at the same time, although she wasn’t that bad (he was, and he missed 3-4 days of work). The following week, I got sick. And it was definitely not a mild cold; I was miserable for a week (and it lasted a good 6 days or so).

This week, Beth got sick and was up all night, coughing and hacking. Then Josie started coughing. At first I thought she was just mimicking her sister, because she’d already had this cold, right?

Turns out, no. It’s a different strain. Because not only did Josie get full-on sick again, but I got sick again, even worse than before. And I’m pretty sure that I was recovered between the two colds, I don’t think it’s just a new flare-up.

So now I’m in the 4th day of complete misery. My whole face hurts (sinuses are the cause, I’m sure). My nose is stuffed, my head is stuffed with cotton. I feel dizzy and headachy and alternating chills and feeling too hot. Even my skin hurts. And I *did* get my flu shot this year! I don’t know if it’s a cold or the flu, but all I want is for it to go AWAY. And not to get sick any more until Spring. Enough already!

Whine over. For now.