Updating finally

It occurs to me that if one has a blog, one should probably update it, oh, at least occasionally. Not sure why this is such a problem for me lately. I have plenty of funny kid stories that I tell my family, I even write them on my Gmail status updates, I just never seem to bother writing them here. So, okay, I’ll give it a try:

Josie got her finger stuck in a door (had her hand inside the crack when her sister closed the door to go potty). I called the Nurse Advice Line to see whether this warranted an emergency room visit or whether she’d recover on her own (she was fine, no doctor needed, all better now). The nurse was supposed to call back within 45 minutes, ended up being more like an hour and a half. When she called, she was asking me various questions about how the injury happened, the nature of the injury, Josie’s reaction, etc. She asked whether Josie had urinated and been eating normally since the incident. I explained that after she calmed down and I’d given her ibuprofen, she seemed worn out from the event and I’d put her down for a nap, so she was sleeping and hadn’t eaten and probably hadn’t urinated but I didn’t know. She then asked me if Josie had been urinating normally *before* the incident. Um… and that would matter how?

Beth grows more entertaining by the day. I make up pretend invisible animals sometimes just for fun, and we think up stories about what they’re doing. A few weeks ago she came into the room I was in, and I told her to be careful not to step on the elephants. She asked where they were, and I pointed out the locations of a Mommy elephant and a baby elephant. She immediately befriended the baby elephant and started walking around the house as if she had her arm around a baby elephant roughly the size of a large dog. It was very cute. Later she came running in while I was brushing my teeth to use the potty, still holding her baby elephant around the neck. She finished and left. Came back a few minutes later… “I forgot my baby elephant!” At least she’s consistent.

She also loves to give me “presents” and “surprises.” These consist of toys or books wrapped or covered with blankets that I lift off to “open.” This delights her, and she’ll play this game for hours while I’m packing up the house and such. The other day she had such a present ready for me, but I was busy brushing my teeth and hair so she had to wait a few minutes for me to be ready. Meanwhile she danced around saying, “I have a surprise for you! I don’t know what it is! It’s a surprise! I have a surprise for you! It’s bath toys! I don’t know what it is!” Hmm, maybe you don’t, but I think I could guess….

Josie is getting really into dolls. She pushes them around in a stroller and carries them everywhere. It’s so sweet, as she still seems like such a baby herself (16 months). It’s hard to imagine that she’ll be 18 months at the end of April. I remember what Beth was like at 18 months, and it just makes me realize how quickly they grow, how they go from being a baby to being able to really play and pretend all by themselves. I find myself thinking frequently of that quote, “The days are long but the years are short.”


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