I need a name!

It turns out that BabyPenguin3 is going to be a girl, too! Or so the technician thinks, it’s not absolutely definite. But we’ll go with the assumption that she’s right, because I think I saw what she was pointing out, too, unless we’re proved otherwise.

Which means I need a girl name! So far we’ve tossed around Margaret (maybe), Sophia (but getting to be really popular), Cecily (husband vetoes this firmly, but he might be warmer to Cecilia), Emily (we thought about this for Josie, but like Sophia it’s an incredibly popular name right now). I’d welcome any new ideas, though! We like fairly classic, traditional names, standard or legitimate alternative spellings only (Christine, Kristen, Christina, etc. are fine, but no Krystin). No nicknames as their given name, but them having a longer given name and going by a nickname is fine (like with Margaret, she might go by Maggie). Only 5 months to come up with the perfect name! Plus middle name.

Beth was cute when we were getting into the car today to make a quick grocery run for snacks. Seth: “I need to buckle you up, we’re going on a wild ride!” Beth: “We’re not going on a wild ride, we’re going to the grocery store.” Seth: “It might be a wild road to the grocery store.” Beth: “No, it’s not a wild ride, there aren’t even any dragons.”

Today Seth had a friend of his come and help load stuff into the moving truck. They got out a bunch of furniture, like all the bookshelves and dressers, the entertainment center, the big cabinet we had in the living room, and the china cabinet, plus two reclining chairs. We’re basically down to beds (ours plus both cribs), Seth’s desk, the table I’m sitting at with its chairs, and the couch. They also got lots of boxes loaded. The house is gradually beginning to look a bit emptier, although quite the mess. If one doesn’t look at the basement, it appears that we’re making great progress, considering that we have a week to go. But then one looks at the basement and faints. Right. Tomorrow I’ll have to figure out how to corral the kids while I make the living room safe enough for them to play in again. All sorts of child hazards around.

That’s about it for right now! See you tomorrow!… or next week… or maybe next month. I’ll update eventually. 🙂


2 thoughts on “I need a name!

  1. Grace, Emmeline, Adele, Hope, Naomi?

    My kids’ names, and mine (Naomi Hope), I know, but hey! We picked theirs because we liked them, and I like mine because I’m awesome!

    And we actually really like Emmeline because it’s like Emma and Emily, two very lovely yet insanely popular names, and yet it’s not totally obnoxiously weird. Just older and a little uncommon. And very nickname-able, if she ends up hating it.

    Congrats on the girl. They’re awesome. 🙂

    • I’ve actually considered Naomi as a name, it’s definitely a favorite! Unfortunately, I just don’t think it would go well with the names our two other girls have (both have classic English/French names, think Mary/Elizabeth/Jane/Catherine/Victoria, although Josie’s real name is a bit more French than those). But otherwise I’d totally go for it. It would pair nicely with my real name, actually, both old Testament classics.

      I like Grace, although same thing, not sure how well it would pair. It might be a nice middle name, though. I like the concept. I like a lot of the “virtue” names, although I dislike “Faith” because of a girl I knew with the name. I’d love to name a girl Verity, Chastity, or the like. But a lot of those names just aren’t really in favor now (can you imagine naming a girl “Chastity?”).

      I’m really leaning towards Cecilia. I’ll have to see if I can convince my husband. She’s the patron saint of musicians, after all, and he’s a musician (not professionally anymore, but still).

      By the way, I think you’re my one and only reader. You should feel honored. 🙂 Or something.

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