Constant chatter

Okay, some days the chatter really gets to me. Like when I’m packing, and we play this same speech over and over. Beth: “Ariel’s sad.” Me: “Oh, that’s too bad.” Beth: “Ask me why she’s sad.” Me: “Why is she sad?” Beth: “Because her prince wants to marry Jasmine.” Me: “Why does her prince want to marry Jasmine?” Her: “Because he thinks she’s her.” Me: “Uh… he thinks Princess Jasmine is Princess Ariel?” Her: “Yep. She’s pretending. Like in Cinderella III.” Me: “Oh, like when the stepmother used magic to make Anastasia look like Cinderella to trick the prince into marrying her?” Beth: “Yep. She’s sad.”

In case you were wondering, Ariel is always sad about something. So are Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, and Belle. They’re sad because they can’t hold hands. Or because they can’t hold their baby. Because their prince is doing something wrong (like falling in love with the wrong princess, a common problem when we have two Prince Charmings and one Beast, but no Prince Eric, Prince Phillip, Prince Beast-as-a-prince, or Aladdins).

Her princesses are often happy, though. They’re happy because they’re friends, or because they’re dancing with their prince, or going to a movie, or going to Disneyworld.

And I like that she’s playacting emotions (although all of the love and relationship drama seems a bit advanced for just-turned-3).

What I don’t like is that constant conversation is required on my part. I must ask why they’re sad. I must ask why they’re happy. I must ask where they’re going in the car. I must ask why they’re crying. I must then respond in a logical way to her response. The conversation cannot be allowed to die, or I will be prodded until I finally tell her that Mommy is packing and cannot keep up this conversation.

And the same conversations repeat. She plays the same storylines over and over. Ariel is often sad for the same exact reason, day after day. It’s seriously maddening.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest… I love having a verbal 3-year-old. When do you think my 1-year-old will start saying more than 4 words? Do you think the duct tape across her mouth has anything to do with it?


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