The packing must go on…

Today my friend “Jennifer” watched the girls for a few hours and I got a ton done in the basement. She’s going to do the same tomorrow, so maybe I can get the basement done. That would be a huge load off my mind. Only a few days left, really!

Tomorrow I need to call the Census Bureau. I realized I didn’t fill it out yet. Seth says you only have to fill in the number of people. So I was looking online to find out whether that’s true, and I found out that if you aren’t going to be in the house on April 1st you aren’t supposed to fill it out. Problem is, we’ll be between residences on that date. So I’m going to call them and see which I’m supposed to do, and how to do that. Ick.

The girls had fun at Jennifer’s, although Beth always comes home telling me about all the things that Keegan did. “She wouldn’t share, and then she got really mad at me.” “She started screaming and her mommy made her take a time out.” “She was pulling my shirt to get me to come upstairs.” I think Beth is a bit of a tattletale. It is true that Keegan is going through a bit of a rough stage. She’s prone to tantrums, and she just gets very, very mad. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child quite so angry before. But in general they have fun playing together. When we come back in six months, we’ll see, maybe she’ll have passed this stage.

I came back to pick the girls up and found Josie wearing an unfamiliar sleeper. I was worried at first that she’d had a blowout, which would have been really unusual for her, and felt bad that Jennifer had had to change her and I hadn’t thought to bring a change of clothes. But no, it turns out that Keegan spilled some juice, Josie slipped in it, and then Keegan thought it was a fun new game to drag Josie around in the juice, and Josie thought it was hilarious and participated wholeheartedly. I should have known. Oops, that reminds me to pop that load in the dryer so I can return the sleeper tomorrow.

I’m up to 83 boxes packed! I’ve found some boxes with labels from our previous move of something like 141. I’m hoping that we don’t end up having that many boxes this time! I’m thinking that we won’t, though. I’d be only a little over halfway done if that were the case, and we don’t have *that* much left to do. I hope. Of course, it’s always more than you realize! Wish me luck!

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