Okay, so it was two days.

I definitely didn’t make it out Saturday or even Sunday night. Even Monday ended up being a bit tight. We have way, way too much stuff. When we unpack, I’m going to really sort through things as I unpack them, remember the fact that we’ll be moving again in a few years at the latest and probably sooner, and weed out as much as I can. Hoping to get Seth to do the same thing for tools/basement stuff. It’s just ridiculous how much junk we have. And I Freecycled a ton during my Spring cleaning before the move this time, too!

I really thought that we’d basically have the truck loaded by Sunday night at the latest (obviously I wasn’t going to get to leave yet) and then Monday I’d be able to do the cleaning and relax a bit, get to take the girls to the park for one last hurrah before we got in the car for the drive to my parents’. That didn’t happen. They spent the day stuck in their room while we finished packing. Finally got the truck loaded right as the guy arrived to drive it off at 1pm, but we were still loading the trailer. I started cleaning the kitchen at 2pm and didn’t finish until 4:30! Egads! And I’d been hoping to leave at 5. Didn’t happen. We finally got out of there at 7. Got to my parents’ house just after 3am, which was not bad, time-wise. I was going about 5-10 miles below the speed limit most of the drive, between pulling the trailer and dealing with the rain. I had to slow it to 40 going over a few bridges, I was getting really buffeted. But the trailer was well-strapped, I never had to do any adjustment at all. Quite a smooth trip, really, all considering. The girls slept most of the way, Josie waking to fuss a few times (I reached back, put her paci back in, and held my hand against her head, which calms her). Beth woke up around 2 and was up, so she and I played her “animal game.” Beth: “I’m thinking of an animal that has stripes.” Me: “A tiger?” Her: “No…” Me: “A zebra?” Her: “Yes, you’re right! Good job, Mommy.” Sometimes her descriptions are fractionally off (crabs are animals with four legs who live in the ocean), so you have to take her descriptions with a grain of salt, but generally she’s pretty good at this game. She started it herself right after an evening at Cubbies (Awana), I suspect perhaps they played the game there and that’s where she learned it. Anyway, we did this for the last hour of the trip, until I was scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with animals she might have heard of, but it kept me awake and alert. I listened to Harry Potter for the first 7 hours, although turned it off through New York, where they had a closed lane and traffic got bad.

Now I’m safe and sound at my parents’ house, all packing and stuff done, and can relax. Whew.

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