Done at last

The packing is done, the driving is done, and I’m at my parents’ for a nice relaxing visit. Well, okay, I’ve been here a few days and just haven’t gotten around to updating. But still.

Not a whole lot to tell, although I did want to share a cute conversation I had with Beth the other day.

We’re driving home and passing a lot of woods on both sides. Beth asks about the woods and what animals live there. Given that they’re not really “forest” but just short-ish expanses of trees between highways, I said, “Squirrels, raccoons, birds. Maybe opossums.”

Beth: “And mooses?”

Me: “Well, probably not. Moose do live in woods and swamps, but usually pretty far north where it’s colder.”

Beth: “I like mooses. I have pet baby moose.”

Me: “You do? Do you take care of them?”

Beth: “Yep. I take them to dance class.”

Me: “Ah. Do they have ballet shoes?”

Beth: “No, they borrow those from the library.”

Me: “And do they each need four ballet shoes, since they have four feet?”

Beth: “No, my mooses just have two feet. They’re different mooses, not like big mooses. They’re from Thailand.”

Me: “From Thailand, huh? And what else do you do to take care of them? Do you put them down for naps?”

Beth: “Yep. They sleep in ta-da beds.”

Me: “What are those?”

Her: “They sleep with and the special blankets are all wrapped around the teddy bears. Then when you see them, you say, “Ta-da!” That’s why they’re ta-da beds.”

The conversation pretty much turned normal from there, but the two-footed Thai moose who take dance classes and sleep in ta-da beds were a fun topic of conversation with the other adults in the family for a few days.

The girls are having lots of fun with their grandparents in the sunshine. It really feels like Spring here. It’s at least a couple of weeks ahead of where it was in New England, I think. Much greener. I wonder what Ohio will be like. I guess I’ll find out in a few days!

I’ve been feeling the baby kick just a bit. It’s still at that light fluttery stage. But it’s been a little more distinct the past few days. Thank goodness, I was starting to worry.

And… that’s about all!


One thought on “Done at last

  1. That’s hilarious. I can’t wait for those insane conversations. It’s like talking to someone on a drug trip, only it’s far more entertaining because you don’t have to worry about getting arrested.

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