Sunny and bright in Ohio

Well, it was about half an hour into my first day at our new house that the first (small) disaster struck. I was getting sippy cups out of a box that was up high (on top of the microwave) and it started to tip toward me. I pushed it back a bit too hard, and it pushed another box off the other side of the counter. A box that made a rather loud “crack” when it fell. Sigh.

The other box, as it turned out, had contained a jar of spaghetti sauce. A glass jar of spaghetti sauce. Another sigh.

So while the girls were eating their breakfast (more on that in a minute) and I was incredibly hungry, I was instead picking up items that had been in the box, washing them, putting them on the counter to dry, wiping up spaghetti sauce from the floor, gathering broken glass (and the house doesn’t apparently include a broom) with a baby wipe, etc. At least the jar *mostly* stayed in the box, and it broke into two large pieces and not a million little ones, although there were of course a few little ones. Not really very fun.

Back to breakfast. We sort of forgot to bring certain necessities to a new house. Like enough food that you can wait a day to go grocery-shopping, and toilet paper. Yay baby wipes and the box of Puffs Plus that I found. So the girls had leftover Easter cake, chocolate bunnies, and “flower” cookies (sugarless shortbread cookies) with water for breakfast. They didn’t seem to mind as much as you might have thought.

I did manage to get out later that morning to shop. It felt GOOD. First, I got to shop without the girls, which is pretty unusual. Last few months I’ve been shopping just with Josie, while Beth is at Cubbies (Awana), which has been nice in and of itself. But shopping completely by myself was really nice. I went to the commissary, which was a bit more of a drive than the Meijer I passed, but I’d wanted to check it out. It’s a nice big one. I spent a ton of money, but I pretty much got our kitchen well-stocked. Fruit, dairy, meat, bread, snacks, etc. Every time I had to buy things in large-ish containers, I found myself calculating whether we would be able to use it in 6 months. Hmm, dishwasher detergent, 60 in the box. Run the dishwasher every other day, and that would last… 4 months. Okay, I’m safe. Etc. It was an interesting experience. With food, I’m not quite so concerned at the moment, although I’ll have to give it more thought starting at about 2-3 months before the end. But with non-perishables, I may have to think about it more, as you tend to use less and they last longer.

We got a lot of the house set up already. When we arrived, despite the 2am hour, we unloaded the minivan and trailer. Got everything inside. We have a garage, but if we didn’t, we would have been really happy we unloaded, because it rained overnight. So far the trailer is taking up the garage, though, so the minivan hangs outside in the rain.

I set up the kitchen so far and emptied most of the non-clothes boxes. Most everything else has been relegated to a room, if not put away. We did some rearranging of furniture; we’d requested that the twin bed and crib we placed in the same room, as we like to have the girls share, but they weren’t. The crib would have to be taken apart to be moved, so we just moved the bed into that room. So they’re in the smaller room. A bit weird, I guess, but they pretty much just sleep in there, so I guess it’s not a problem. The other room will be the office, spare bedroom, etc.

I set up the changing table in the downstairs bathroom. It’s a bit crowded, but all of the bathrooms are on the small side (there are 2.5 bathrooms!), so it wouldn’t fit better anywhere else. In fact, I think there’s more room for it in this bathroom, the half bath, than any other. And there’s the advantage of it being downstairs, plus not having a lot of other stuff in the bathroom (because all the bath/shower stuff and toiletries are upstairs). I was rather proud of myself for remembering to get extra soap dispensers so that each bathroom could have one. Downstairs, other than the diaper changing stuff, basically just has one hand towel, toilet paper, and soap. But it has the basics. And I’d brought my bathroom rugs from home, and then it turned out that they already had them in the bathrooms here… except that one. So now even that bathroom gets a rug. So far I’m enjoying the plethora of bathrooms, not having had more than one in any of the houses I’ve lived in as an adult. I like having my toiletries and stuff protected from the kids by having them in the master bath, and not having to trip over bath toys.

I’m looking forward to today! It stormed overnight rather dramatically, but so far it promises to be bright and sunny and cheerful. The house is lovely, and I have a productive day of putting clothes away, organizing toys, and making the house into “our” house ahead of me. So, yay!


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