My kitchen is clean

It’s 10pm. My kitchen is clean. The table is clean. If you knew how rare this was, you would be impressed.

I have this habit of cleaning the kitchen in the morning, after I take my shower. The problem is that that means the kitchen stays clean for, oh, maybe about half an hour before it’s time to start getting lunch ready. Josie’s booster seat tray is still wet. Etc. And I don’t get the satisfaction of a clean kitchen for long, which means that I don’t enjoy the prospect of cleaning it, which makes it all that much worse (dishes are my least favorite chore). Sometimes I go for a while getting them done in the evening before getting the girls to bed, but if I miss that time window, once they’re in bed I rarely get to it. So, I’m rather proud of myself for having everything done, everything clean. I even gathered up stray toys and tossed them into the living room (okay, don’t look in there) and gathered loose alphabet magnets from the floor to put on the fridge.

I also have a stack of 3 baskets of clothes to fold. Seth and I are going to watch a show in a few minutes, though, so I figured I could update my blog now and fold them while I watch the show. If I manage that, I’ll be in a great place to start the day tomorrow.

Today was beautiful. Really warm and sunny. After Beth got a bit pink-cheeked yesterday (although gone today, so possibly exertion rather than sunburn), I didn’t let the girls go outside too early. I got some things done in the morning, then we went out for Chinese for lunch, got sunblock at a drugstore, and then went to the landlord’s office to pick up a key for Seth and mailbox keys, plus a packet of info they had for us. When we got home, I slathered the girls with sunblock and we got some park time in. I definitely need to get hats and sunglasses together in the closet somehow, I think we’ll be needing them lots.

It wasn’t an incredibly productive day in terms of unpacking, really. I got the girls’ clothes put away and tidied up their room enough to get a few pictures to send to the parents. That’s really about it. Of course, we’re also nearing the end of unpacking. I still have my clothes to unpack, and of course all those baskets of (soon-to-be) folded laundry to put away. Then I need to tackle the toys. Need to figure out how to organize them. Right now I have three toy bins, but that’s not really sufficient for them. So I might pull the dress-up clothes and put them in something separate, or put some toys away in a closet so that I can shift them after a while. Just so that the living room is livable and the girls are capable of putting things away.

Nothing really funny to report today. At least, no interesting conversations. Josie did spend a good bit of the day in only a diaper, as I had to take off her dirty clothes and I didn’t bother to go upstairs to get more. Bad Mommy. But she’s so cute naked, lots of tummy to tickle and kiss. Hopefully will have more fun conversations to report tomorrow!


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