Bath disasters and other news

You know the joke that goes, “What’s worse than taking a bite of an apple and finding a worm inside?”  “Finding half a worm.”  Ick.

Well, I have a new one.  “What’s worse than a kid pooping in the bath?”  “It being a bubble bath with a few too many bubbles, and so not noticing the poop in the tub until both kids are out, dried off, and dressed.”  Double ick.

Now that any non-parent is probably too grossed to read the rest of this entry, moving on.

I love our new place so far.  I’ve gotten over the lack of the promised family room (was planning for it to be a playroom).  We’ve arranged things in the living room so that it’s basically a living room and playroom in one, with the living room furniture on one half and the toys, dollhouse, kids’ table, etc. on the other half.  Works pretty well.  I’ve finally figured out how to organize the toys, since I didn’t bring enough toy boxes to fit everything.  It’s all pretty sorted now, which is nice.  I also love love love having a downstairs bathroom, especially with a changing table in it.

It’s interesting to see what they thought to provide and what they didn’t.  The vacuum is nice, and crucial, since everything except the kitchen and dining room is carpeted.  However, I wish they’d included a broom with dustpan for said kitchen/dining room.  It’s a pain to vacuum stuff off tile.  I’ve been running the dishwasher not quite full every night because we have 4 place settings and we use at least that much a day between different meals.  I wish I could trade some of the extra utensils, like maybe the cheese grater and bottle opener, for a second set of dishes, or at least of the large plates (don’t really use the mugs with their little plates, or even the smaller plates, quite so much).

Beth has been asking today about what the different kinds of animals (within species) are called. For instance, she wants to know the word for a “mommy horse” and a “baby horse.”  All went well until she asked for the word for a “mommy doggie.”  Uh-oh.  I told her it was just a “mommy doggie” but felt guilty afterwards.  But I don’t really want her to know the word for a female dog just yet.  People rarely use it for that purpose, it’s much more often used as a cuss word, and she won’t know the difference for a while yet.  I did have reason to be glad that her vocabulary isn’t quite as complex as an adult’s today, though, when I brought her downstairs as Seth was watching a Law & Order episode.  Eep.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a few funny kid stories to add here (other than the bathtub poop incident), because this blog always seems to be too serious and all about me instead of the kids!  But nothing much is coming to mind.  Better luck tomorrow!

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