One of the things I enjoy watching is how a sense of generosity develops. So far, it’s at the stage where Elisabeth wants Jocelyn to have treats when she does. But not when she doesn’t.

So when I give Beth a pack of fruit snacks or something, she’ll always say, “Can you give Josie one, too?” But this morning, they were eating breakfast when I told them I had a special treat for them (Grammy sent cupcakes) when they finished eating. Josie finished first, so I went to get her cupcake. Beth was horrified, not knowing there were two. “Don’t give it to HER!” I assured her that there were two, but I can see obvious limits to her generosity.

She also doesn’t like Josie to share her toys, which can be understandable to a certain extent, as Beth is into lining dolls up or setting them up, and Josie isn’t really at that level yet. But when I try to help Beth by getting Josie engaged in something different, Beth wants to do whatever I’m setting Josie up to do instead. Sigh. I guess the appeal of a Mommy to play with is greater than the appeal of lining up the dolls without interruption.

The girls are really excited about Cecilia. Or, at least, Beth is. She likes to ask if she can kiss Cecilia (in other words, kiss my tummy). When she does, Josie always wants to, too, but I’m not sure she really understands why we’re kissing Mommy’s tummy.

Speaking of kisses, Josie’s attempts at kisses are so cute. Basically she presses her open mouth to you. My dad was having fun with her, and she discovered that she could make him laugh by very obviously approaching him to kiss him… with her tongue sticking out. He’d laugh and draw back so he didn’t get slobbered on, and she thought this was the funniest game ever. Cuteness.

Beth just told me about being at Grammy’s and how she got to play with the “Strawberry Cupcake” dolls. 🙂


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