Beth wants a bike

I took Beth to a park that was a bit farther away yesterday. It was a long, cold walk, because yesterday was good bit colder than it’s been, plus windy. Sunny, but the sun was rather deceptive. Anyway, the reason we went to this park was that it had swings, and she and Josie have both been longing for swings since none of the nearby parks have them.

She had fun, playing off and on on the swings, but she was mostly interested in the other kids who were at this park. They all had ride-on vehicles, and at one point they were all riding around in a big circle, the girl Beth’s age on a trike, the boy on a bike, and the oldest girl on a scooter. Beth ran around for a while attempting to catch them, then watched sadly as they went around and around without her. Then she came over to me and plopped on the bench next to me.

“I need a bike,” she announced. “Can we get me a bike? Pink, please.”

This is a bit more complicated than one might think, because we’re only here for six months and space is so limited. We really can’t afford the space to take a bike back home with us. So Seth and I talked about it. We decided that we could try to find a used bike for cheap, then we can sell or donate it before we leave. So I looked around on craigslist and found the perfect one, pink, with a guard on the bike chain. Waiting on tenterhooks to hear back from the seller now and hoping it’s still available. Beth would love it, it’s bright pink and purple and very girly. I’m working on embracing the pink/purple, since apparently I’m not going to have a tomboy, at least not in Beth! If we get it I’ll try to post a picture.

We went to a barbecue today with some guys Seth will be working with and their families. It was fun. Only the kids of the major who was throwing the party were there, one other guy has kids but they had to stay back home with their mom for a few months because she has to work. Beth had a lot of fun playing with the little boy, though, who was just one day older than her (but a lot taller!).

Off to watch House!


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