The Philosophy of Disney Princesses

I worry sometimes about the philosophy expressed in the various Disney Princess movies (the originals and sequels). Some of it’s good, like obeying your parents and following rules, helping others, sharing, owning up to things you’ve done wrong and forgiving those who ask for it.

At the same time, there are also some pretty lame bits. I don’t blame Disney entirely. First, the fairy tales they’re working with are often to blame (I mean, what does Cinderella do to get herself a prince and a castle? Um… nothing? Be nice to others and work hard without complaining? Maybe, bit of a stretch.). And Disney is trying to impart morals without God, which is difficult on its own. You end up with things like Cinderella III talking about how Cinderella ended up with a wonderful prince and happy life “because she kept a beautiful dream in her heart.” Uh, really? What’s up with that?

This morning, Beth was wandering around talking to herself while I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes. At one point she parrots, “If I keep a beautiful wish in my heart, all my dreams will come true!” or something along those lines. Ugh.

So I said, “Wishes alone don’t make dreams come true. It’s not magic. But when you work really hard, you can make your dreams come true.” I didn’t think it would have much effect, but a few minutes later, I hear her traipsing around the living room, saying in a sing-song, “If I work hard, my dreams will come true!”

It’s nice that they’re so malleable, at least.

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