“Reading” preschoolers and talking babies

Today, Beth “read” the Little Mermaid book to me.  Okay, so she didn’t read the words on the page.  But it truly astounded me how often she was literally telling me, word-for-word, what the pages said.  She has a good mind for remembering phrases or the expressions I use when I read.  Phrases like, “you’re not getting cold fins, are you, Flounder?” or “You’re not the one I’m after, I’ve got bigger fish to fry.”  I doubt she has any idea what that expression means, but she remembers it.  Page for page, she went through the entire book, either quoting it word-for-word or summarizing the events from that page.  I was impressed.  As soon as I can figure out where Seth plugged the camera charger in, I’ll have to take some video to preserve this for posterity.

Since I decided to give up my 30 pages of writing and start over, I’ve been trying to do a tight, detailed plot outline and some character worksheets before I start.  I’ve pretty much finished the heroine, but having a bit of trouble with the hero.  He just has too much story that happens outside the confines of the book.  I need to finish figuring out where it intersects with the heroine’s (right now he’s dragging around the villain and needs to ditch her somewhere), but the main thing I’ll need to figure out is how to fit his part of the story into the narrative.  Does he tell the heroine his story as a whole?  Does it come out in bits and pieces where pertinent?  I’m rather hoping that something will become obvious as time goes on.

Josie started saying a new word yesterday, “apple.”  Interestingly enough, it was my very first word.  Neither of them has said it particularly early.  Josie is also really enjoying “uh-oh” and saying it a lot.  I’ll admit, it’s a cool “word.”  She’s getting good at identifying body parts.  She knows where her head, ears, tummy, hands, and feet are.  Nose and eyes are touch-and-go… she’ll sometimes blink her eyes (her way of indicating “eyes”) when you ask where her nose is.  But we’re getting there.  She said “up” clearly today, but she hasn’t really started using it frequently yet.  She has a lot of signs that aren’t actually ASL, too.  She’ll bring you a bowl for food, a cup for milk, a shoe for “I want to go outside,” etc.

And Beth still thinks she ages backwards.  She’s always telling me about the princess movies she used to watch when she was five, or a grownup, or whatever.  Or the things she’ll do when she’s a baby.  It’s  cute, a little sad, in a way.  In some ways she seems to want to be any age but the age she is.  Babies are cute and get attention.  Big kids get to watch scary princess movies.  Grownups get to do all sorts of things.  Etc.  Poor thing.  Whereas I’m pretty happy where I am.  I’m not scared of the upcoming big birthday, but I’m not anxious for it, either.  Life is good.

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