The best use of time

It’s quiet time, and I’m hit with my daily choice. How to use quiet time? I could clean. I could nap. Or I could work on my novel. Hard to choose.

I spent a few productive afternoons writing, but lately I’ve been doing other stuff instead, I guess figuring that I could write in the evenings. Problem is that Seth is enjoying the fact that we have cable temporarily, and getting his fill of Law & Order reruns, Holmes on Holmes, and various Discovery/History channel types of shows. I’m not as interested as he is, and yet I find it pretty distracting. I could isolate myself and sit at the kitchen table, but then it feels sort of… antisocial. And of course I end up staying way too late.

Last night, after three hours of sitting with my file open resulted in 2 paragraphs of plot summary, I decided I should really try to write a bit during quiet time instead of waiting for the evening. So I might try to get at least a *little* writing done this afternoon, especially as I’ve come up with an idea that would make some pieces fall together in my story. Trying to figure out how to implement it. But I suppose I should make some effort to clean first, huh?

My idea is that I should have talking animals in my story. It makes certain things work better, along with adding an element of interesting fantasy to a land that is supposed to be full of magic. The next thing I’m trying to figure out is this: do all the animals talk? Or just some? If just some, what defines which ones talk? Is it animals that have increased contact with humans? Certain kinds of animals? Or is it just a mix of animals, like, some horses talk, some don’t? Etc.

My concern is in getting too close to what others have done, especially, if not all animals talk, C.S. Lewis’s Narnia books. He has two “levels” of animals, the sentient, talking ones, and the “dumb” animals. In “The Magician’s Nephew,” it initially seems that a single animal or a couple from each animal species is chosen for sentience. In the later books, though, perhaps because of breeding, there are multiple animals of each species that talk. Until the lost time, when animals have forgotten. Anyway, if I have some but not all of different animal species talking, I’m afraid I might appear to copy too much. There are dozens of book series with talking animals, but I know his the best, because talking animals are generally not a type of fantasy that I like very much.

I took the girls outside to the park for a bit today. I’m glad I poked outside before we headed out; it’s really cold today! Sunny, but cold and windy. I took it about as long as I could, then corralled everybody inside for lunch and naptime/quiet time. It looks so temptingly pretty, but it’s definitely not!

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