Strawberry-scented floors

It was almost bedtime yesterday and Beth had been playing Cinderella. We went through the story once, where she plays Cinderella and I play all the other crucial characters. I was tired, but fortunately she went along with me just saying my lines from the couch and her acting everything out. We finished, then she asked if we could play again. I said sure, and I started by giving her chores to do, like scrubbing the floor. My mistake.

She disappeared upstairs for a few minutes, and Josie followed her up. I assumed she was pretending to sweep the floor or something, until Josie came wandering downstairs, and I noticed that her hair was wet and that she smelled like strawberries.

“Beth, why is Josie’s hair all wet?”

“Oh, she just got into some stuff I was using to wash the floor.”

Uh-oh. I headed upstairs. “You’re washing the floor?”

I discovered Beth upstairs “washing” the floor in a very strawberry-smelling bathroom. Sigh.

“Beth, you can’t wash the floor with bubble bath.”

2 thoughts on “Strawberry-scented floors

    • Sweet-smelling, yes. Slightly sticky, also yes. At least I was planning to wash the floor with some normal, like Pine-Sol, soon anyway. This just means I need to get off my butt and get it done. Along with getting blood drawn, going to the commissary, and doing homeschool units on dandelions, that is. 🙂

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