Dandelions in the breeze

Yesterday we had rather a fun time outside. I got a book from the library about dandelions, and another about seed dispersal. The seed book had a pretty cover, but bored her a bit because she hadn’t seen most of the types of seeds it featured. Beth liked reading both over and over, though. She was holding several dandelion puffballs as we read and we compared them to the pictures in the book. We alternated reading the books with picking dandelion puffballs and blowing them everywhere. We also found a bee pollinating a dandelion, that was pretty neat. We tried pollinating some dandelions ourselves by rubbing pollen off on our fingers. We dug up a dandelion so that we could look at the roots, stem, leaves, and flower. Whoever has this yard after us is going to have a *huge* invasion of dandelions next Spring!

We did manage to get all our books from the library, despite the 10-books-a-card issue for cardholders during their first 8 weeks. Ugh. They were willing to check in all my hold books so that I could then check them out on the kids’ cards. So we got something like 18 princess books, 2 dandelion/seed books, 3 baby books for Josie, and six books for me. I’ve been reading the blog of a writer, Shanna Swendson, so I wanted to check out her books. Also got some children’s books for me of the type that I’m writing to get a feel for the genre.


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