I took Beth to a carnival this evening. We had a pretty good time. She went around in circles on lots of different plastic and metal animal shapes. Kiddie rides sure don’t have a lot of originality, do they?

They had this deal where you could buy tickets singly for a dollar, or buy an armband for $13 (usually $17, but $4 off coupon since it was midweek). Deals like this always frustrate me, because I find it hard to predict how many rides she’ll go on. Two tickets a ride means that she needs to go on 7 rides to make it worth buying an armband instead of tickets. So whether I buy an armband or just tickets, I find myself spending the rest of the carnival counting the number of rides she’s gone on, how many more she can expect to go on, and trying to either *make* it worth it (if I bought the arm bad) or to not let her go on too many rides so that I make it *not* worth it (if I didn’t buy the arm band). Am I just that wrapped up in money? You’d think I could just buy the armband and relax.

Oh, and in case you’re curious? We bought the armband, and she went on 8 rides. So it was worth it. I also had to buy 3 tickets separately to go on the ferris wheel with her, because she couldn’t go by herself.

Beth: “Why are those elephants white instead of gray?” In reference to a ride with white flying elephants.

Hmm. Why *are* the elephants white? Albino elephants? Wearing makeup? Very mysterious. Sometimes kids question things that adults just don’t think about. Or care about, really.

She has quite the imagination. When we were on the ferris wheel, she was Jasmine and I was Aladdin, and we were on a magic carpet ride. When we rode the carousel, she was Belle and I was the Beast. Pretty cute.

Poor Josie got left behind. Beth asked a couple of times why we didn’t bring Josie with us. I suppose she’s getting a bit bigger, but a few months ago when we went to a fair, she couldn’t do any of the rides, and she got so bored and frustrated waiting in line constantly. It really took away from my being able to enjoy Beth. On the plus side, it’s just barely May, and Josie is 18 months old now. Probably by the later part of the summer, if there are still carnivals going on, she might be old enough. She won’t be 2 yet, but she might be mature enough to be trusted to sit down on the rides. Right now I’d be afraid that she’d try to get up, I think.

Finally managed to get to the lab to get Tay-Sachs testing. Okay, well, “Ashkenazi Jewish genetic screening,” because it’s actually a few different things they test for along with Tay-Sachs. I figure the chances are pretty small that my mother’s line are carriers straight back and it hasn’t either been bred out or been discovered previously, but you never know.

I also made it to the commissary to get some groceries and such that we needed. Got karo syrup so that I could try making my own bubbles. In case anybody wants to try this, the recipes online call for 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons white karo syrup (or light corn syrup), and 4 tablespoons dish liquid (preferably Dawn or Joy). I found that a lot of the bubbles were popping right out of the bubble machine, though, so I experimented a bit, and it ended up that 1/2 cup water, 2 tablespoons karo syrup, and 2 tablespoons dish liquid, seemed to work the best. It would be nice to find glycerine sometime, that’s supposed to make “stickier” bubbles, especially as it always seems to be windy when we try them. Of course, it might vary a bit depending on whether you use them in a bubble machine or whether you blow them yourself with regular bubble wands. But cheap bubbles are definitely great!

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