Cleaning for company

We have guests coming over for dinner tomorrow. Which means I have plenty to do to get ready! I was planning to have the kitchen floor swept and washed, the living room clean and vacuumed. I got half that done. Not good.

This means that tomorrow I’ll be cleaning the living room, vacuuming the living room and up the stairs, decluttering the end table and the kitchen counter, washing the end table and the dining room table… and then making cookies and cooking dinner. Gonna be a busy day.

I did add some extra work for myself by scrubbing the dining room chairs and booster seats, but they desperately needed it. Josie spilled some yogurt down the side of her booster seat and chair, and while the others weren’t so bad, they certainly still needed a scrub. So at least that’s done.

From earlier today:
I am pretending to be the frog princess.
Me: “But how do I get a prince?”
Beth: “You kiss a frog!”
Me: “Do you know any frogs?”
Beth: “I will kiss Josie, then she will turn into a frog, then you can kiss it.”
Me: “Okay!”
Beth: “I will bring you the frog.” “This frog is too heavy!”

Now I’m off to work on my story a bit. I sort of unintentionally tried a trick I’d once heard of, stopping writing right when you’re at a really good, interesting, easy-to-write part, because ti makes it easier to pick up again. So I’m going to have some fun playing.


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