Perspective and the Giant Baby

Beth is a big fan of what we call “Cinderella” dolls. They’re little dolls sort of like the modern Polly Pockets, with little rubbery clothes that go on and off, and they come in different princess sets with clothes that match those worn in the movies and sometimes with princes and other peripheral characters included. She plays with these dolls for a great deal of the day.

So, her dolls will often have adventures involving climbing mountains (stacks of pillows, couches, etc.), or falling into the water (blankets, things like that). There is much calling of “help, help!” from the dolls as they battle extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, requiring princess friends or sometimes princes to come to the rescue, at which point they immediately fall back into the water or off the mountain again.

Giant babies also feature frequently in the misadventures the dolls have.

“Help, help, Ariel fell in the water, and a giant baby is trying to get her!”

“Help, help, Aurora is stuck on a mountain and she sees a giant baby!”

Josie, of course, plays the role of the giant baby.

I love what it says about Beth’s comprehension of perspective, though. It means that she’s looking at the world through the dolls’ eyes and getting that, to them, a baby the size of Josie is a “giant baby.” Like King Kong, only less gentle.

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