Book recommendation: Enchanted, Inc.

Well, I finished reading “Enchanted, Inc.” And almost immediately started its sequel, so that tells you something!

That was an awesome book! I’ll admit that I’m not generally a fan of fantasy mixed with modern life, like the Chromeborn series by Mercedes Lackey. I generally prefer my fantasy novels to take place in nice little vaguely historical fantasy worlds, a la Narnia, Bayern, Valdemar, Middleearth, Xanth, or generic “once upon a time” fairytale land. At the very least I prefer them to be historic. Harry Potter, to date, has been one of very few exceptions in which I like a fantasy world that is part of our real modern one. But Enchanted, Inc. has just shot to the top of the list.

I like the main character, Katie. She has enough down-to-earth sense that, even though she’s living in New York, she’s not one of those high-living-but-inaccessible types, like in the Shopaholic series, Bridget Jones, etc. form of chick lit. She does have female friends, which I sort of envy, as for some reason I tend to make friends with guys more easily than girls. The two closest female friends I have live in other states, so there’s not a lot of girly stuff that we do (not that we would even if we lived nearer!). So, yeah, I found the main character easy to relate to.

And the novel is intriguing, plot-wise. It made it hard to put down.

Not to mention, the writer (Shanna Swendson) does a nice climax, too! I get tired of novels (especially fantasies) that try to overdo their climax to make it world-changing, shocking, dramatic, etc., to the point where it doesn’t fit the book, it’s hard to follow, and it’s just… silly. Robin McKinley does this in a huge way. I *love* her books, right up until the climax, then she loses me in descriptions of awesomely weird magic and really strange stuff. Then there’s no denouement in which things are resolved… in fact, often more questions raised or weirdness happens that changes the entire book, invalidates anything we’ve come to believe, and destroys the characters’ hopes for a happy ending. I’m tempted to just rip off the last few chapters and write my own, sometimes. Can’t possibly be worse.

So, that was a bit of a tangent. But this is a *fervent* recommendation of Enchanted, Inc. There are at least 3 others in the series that I know of, and I have high hopes for them all! Can’t wait to read them.

In other news… thanks to Ellen’s help, I figured out how to deal with the few problem spots I had in my story outline and have a new, tight outline of the entire novel. I’m really looking forward to getting some good writing time in now! So I should probably get crackin’!

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