Sick and whiny

So, I’ve been sick for the past few days. Nothing serious, just a cold, but it’s so annoying. Really hard to, you know, actually want to do anything. Girls have been watching Sesame Street *and* Dora the past two days (usually they just watch one show a day at most). On the plus side, I’ve discovered that they both really like Dora. Since Beth is mostly ready to move on from Sesame Street, this could be a nice alternative. Although, while Dora is supposedly educational, it doesn’t really teach the things I’m most interested in.

Beth has been doing pretty good with letters. She’s become very interested in the letter “H” lately. Draws it with sidewalk chalk, makes it with her legs and an arm, etc. She likes to draw it “on TV” by making a box with legs as the TV, then drawing an “H” on the screen. It’s cute. She’s working on “A” as well, which she has a bit more trouble with because of the angle… she tends to make it too wide and then get stuck. She recognizes it easily, just has trouble writing it. She tries to write “E” but often does too many cross-lines so that it turns into a colored box.

Josie has been learning to say a lot of new words, to the point where I think I’d have trouble counting the words she says. She recognizes far more than she says, of course. Her latest favorite word is “apple,” which basically means “round fruit.” She points to nectarines and oranges and says “app-oo.” She sure loves talking about them, though.

Josie is also making some physical leaps–literally. She has started two-foot jumping. As in, actually getting a few inches into the air. Impressive. I think it took Beth a bit longer, she “jumped” by bending and straightening her knees but didn’t actually get into the air. Josie is also getting good at climbing. At the park today she headed halfway up a ladder. That was a bit of an “eep!” Fortunately, she can’t get higher than she can safely get down/fall down. So far.

Beth has been getting up, getting herself dressed, and then reading on her bed until Josie gets loud enough to wake me up. This is nice, for the most part. I get to sleep in a bit later. However, there was at least one morning in which I found a trail of Hershey Kiss wrappers…

Josie is starting to really want to help with chores, which is cool. Beth is *so* over that stage. When I open the dishwasher, Josie comes running, and I don’t even have to tell her what to do. She knows to get the kid spoons/forks first, then I hand her the plastic cups/bowls. I make sure that as soon as I open the dishwasher I grab the sharp knives and as many pieces of regular silverware as I can, starting with butter knives and forks, before she gets there. She also loves to help put clothes from the washer into the dryer, put in the dryer sheet, and then close the dryer. I think that’s her favorite. Of course, you have to watch her! If you’re trying to take clothes *out* of the dryer, she’ll try to put them back in. And if you’re trying to load the dishwasher, she might start to unload it while you’re at it. But it’s a great start.

Yeah. So, not a lot of humor. I’m not particularly funny when I’m sick. But I’m starting to feel a bit better, so maybe next time. Also, tomorrow I’m taking Beth to a children’s play of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, which I think she’ll love, so that will give me something to write about.

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