New words, new pool, same old blog

I haven’t been very good at updating recently.  For a while there I was updating every evening, as sort of part of my evening ritual–put kids to bed, update blog, do whatever else for the evening.  I’m not sure when exactly that fell off, but part of it was feeling that I was just sort of saying what was going on without any sort of interesting commentary or funny quotes.

So, I don’t really have anything in particular to write about, but I’m updating anyway, because people won’t read if there’s nothing to read, right?

Seth likes to pretend to “eat” the girls.  He’ll say that their noses are carrots and that he’s going to eat them, or that their ears are broccoli, etc.  So you’ll frequently hear Beth exclaiming, “I’m not vegetables!”  Today, she added the line, “I’m a people!”  Nice to know she’s picking up complicated concepts like “people” even if not quite the grammatically correct way to use such words.

Josie is learning new words by the minute, it seems!  I love this stage.  It takes so long for their first word, and months more (at least for my girls) to get a few words beyond that… and then they hit the language explosion.  Not only is she learning to say a lot of new words (and she loves to find excuses to say them, like when she noticed that her shampoo/conditioner are apple-scented with little pictures of apples on them so now she spends her bath exclaiming “apple!  apple!” while pointing from one to the other), but it’s amazing what she understands.  Pretty cool stuff.

I got the kids a baby pool.  Not one of the kind that you blow up, one of the solid plastic thing little pools.  It’s the perfect size for the two of them and maybe a friend, especially as they spend more time jumping in and out than actually sitting in it.  So far I can’t figure out how to work the outside water spigot (possibly needs a hose, which I don’t have), so I’ve been filling buckets in the sink.  I have a nice big bucket, though, so it takes about 5 trips to get the pool nicely full.  Not as tedious as it sounds.  I got them each a swim toy (a little fairy mermaid doll that comes with a winged seahorse).  Usually Beth ends up with the dolls and Josie with the seahorses.  But Josie mostly likes pouring water from cup to pitcher, anyway, or sometimes putting the seahorses in a cup, so it doesn’t really matter as long as Beth lets her use her doll when she wants to.  Aside from a few horrible incidents of sunblock in the eyes (hopefully remedied by my, today, buying new and expensive “tear free” sunblock), they’ve been having a fantastic time.  We’ve gone “swimming” (“splashing” might be a better term) every day since we got the pool.

Had another OB visit today.  I’m on the 2-week schedule now, for the next month or two I think.  It was quick, which was nice!  I keep forgetting to ask if there are any more regular ultrasounds or if I’m done with those.  Doesn’t matter, just would be nice to know.  I need to get glucose testing ASAP, but I’m having trouble fitting that in, since I can’t bring the kids.  <sigh>  I was crossing my fingers that my weight wouldn’t have gone up *too* much.  I was at 146 last time, which was pretty average weight gain for 26 weeks (17 pounds), but since in both previous pregnancies my weight gain stayed just below the “average” range until the last few weeks, then I gained a lot, I’m trying not to gain too much too soon in case I have that final month increase again.  Lucked out, I hadn’t gained any weight this time, which puts me about on target for where I want to be.  Need to slow down on the Nestle Drumsticks, but those things are awesome!  🙂  One slightly weird thing, when the doctor came in, he took one look at me and asked my height.  I told him, but I was a bit curious whether he thought I was tall (he was much taller, and without anybody to compare me to I’m surprised he noticed) or why he asked.  It wasn’t in reference to my weight gain, as far as I know, unless he’d glanced at my chart right before walking in the door.  The girls behaved fairly well this time.  Josie didn’t throw any fits thinking that she was gonna get shots.  Of course, I do need to take her for shots, so next time might be a pain.

And that’s about all!  No deep musings this time!

2 thoughts on “New words, new pool, same old blog

  1. At least you can take the girls to your appointments… Mine you’re not allowed to after your 6w check [and then only the baby ;)]. They are [usually] allowed in for the ultrasound [provided there’s another adult] but that’s it. They did let me sneak in my 6mo old once when I was desperate but he slept in the carrier the whole time…

    Glad you’re on track :).

    • Yeah, my previous OB wasn’t really set up to bring the kids. I had “Seth” watch then when he could and used up my babysitting coop hours when he couldn’t. But here he can’t really get off early or go in late, at least, he can’t commit to it. And I don’t have a daytime babysitter yet (a few people have offered but they work during the day). So it’s sort of necessary. Works out okay, they have huge rooms and stuff, and lots of people smile at them (especially when they are dressed alike like they were today).

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