Swimming–well, splashing–around!

Our new pool! Thanks, Meijer!

Today the kids were out in the pool again. I think that we’ve used it at least once every day since we bought it. Maybe with the exception of one day when it rained. It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve been going through a lot of sunblock and swim diapers (for Josie). Today I finally convinced Beth that it is *not* necessary to wear underpants under her swimsuit. I don’t know if that will last. It doesn’t really *matter*, but it’s a little silly to get so many pairs of underwear wet for no reason. Today the girls had a little friend come to play. Her name is Liza, and she lives in our little block of townhouses. She’s Josie’s age, although she’s a lot taller and bigger. She was a bit nervous about the water at first, but after a while she was happily filling cups of water and dumping them out with Josie. I had to rein Beth in a bit so that she didn’t splash the little ones. But overall I think it went well. I really need to find a little girl Beth’s age who likes “playing princesses” all the time, though. Before I go crazy and burn all the princess books/DVDs just so that I don’t have to act out/recite the stories one more time.

Finally got the “quiet time room” cleaned and vacuumed today so that I could set up the new air mattress and make sure it works. I think we’re going to try sleeping on it tonight to see how well it holds air. I want to make sure it’s in perfect condition before my parents arrive for a visit in less than two weeks, otherwise they’ll bring theirs. It looks nice, and it’s a double-high one so it sits much higher than usual air mattresses. I hope it works!

I’ve been fantasizing about swingsets. I’ve been planning to look into a swingset for the girls when we get back to New England. Where to get the swingset and how nice it should be are the main considerations. You can get a lot of good deals on swingsets through craigslist. You can also get swingset parts, so you can add different kinds of swings, slides, or climbing pieces to a swingset if it’s compatible. I like the rope nets, we had a rope ladder on our treehouse when we were kids and we spent *hours* just climbing up and down, racing, etc. I guess the fact that we don’t know whether we’ll be there for 9 months, or for years, makes it hard to plan. I don’t know whether it’s worth waiting until the following spring, when we should have an idea of whether we’re there for two more years or not, or whether it’s better just to get something sooner. Might depend on what kind of deals are available. But I figure probably a lot of people will be getting rid of their swingsets in the fall, figuring that the kids didn’t use it this year so they might as well get rid of it.

I’ve also been eyeing Ebay for a “Miracle Blanket.” I’m trying to find one used, as it doesn’t really matter to me and the used ones go for a lot cheaper. I’ve had success with Kiddopotamus Swaddlemes, and I do already have one of those, but I’ve heard such good things about the Miracle Blanket that I wanted to try it. I always considered it to be out of my price range, but used ones do go for a lot cheaper. So it might make it worth it.

I finished reading “The Wide Awake Princess,” which I think is definitely the best book from E.D. Baker to date. It’s much more mature than her Frog Princess books, and by mature I don’t mean “intended for older children” but rather that there’s more depth and interest to it. Quite a fun read. I loved the books I read by Jessica Day George, and I’m eager to start the dragon series, except that I accidentally got books 2 and 3, so I need to get book 1 to read them in order.


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