Cleanliness, dragons, kisses, Velcro, and Nineveh

Kitchen is clean. Dining room table is clean. Floor is swept (okay, it could use a washing, but honestly it could always use a washing, I just can’t keep up). Bathrooms are cleaned. Living room is tidy and vacuumed. Stairs, hallway, all vacuumed. Girls’ room is a mess, but they’re sleeping in there, so I’ll have to tackle that tomorrow. I’m not even behind on laundry. It feels good to sit down after getting the girls to bed and know that there isn’t anything really pressing that I neglected in terms of housework. I just wish it didn’t get so messy again quite so fast! By the end of tomorrow, if I don’t repeat a lot of the cleaning I did today, it’ll be a disaster again. But for now, I can revel in it.

It rained all morning, so the girls watched Dora *and* Sesame Street. Beth has been playing Dora all day. It’s a huge relief, it definitely cut into princess-reenacting time. It’s more fun to pretend to steal things as Swiper, or try to come up with obstacles for her to overcome, then to just playact the princess stories over and over.

Oh, we did have a funny princess story yesterday, though! We were playing Ariel-and-Eric lost in the woods (not based on any specific Little Mermaid movie, just the characters). I was supposed to be Prince Eric, and I had been traveling the woods with my dog, Max (Josie) when I was put to sleep by a spell. Ariel was on her way to kiss me, so I lay on the floor, sleeping, lips slightly puckered. All of a sudden I feel something press to my lips. Was that… a nose? I open my eyes to see Josie grinning broadly. Beth started laughing hysterically. “Your doggie Max woke you up! Your doggie Max is your true love!” Poor Ariel. πŸ™‚ And “Max” was so proud of herself for playing princesses with us.

I had my blood glucose test this morning. It’s a bit late (was supposed to be in week 28), but hopefully it won’t be a problem. It’s a little difficult, as they told me to wait until I was 28 weeks to do the test, and that started last Tuesday. I was hoping there would be a day when Seth got home from work early and I could pop over there, but it didn’t happen Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Finally, I checked the lab hours and realized they opened at 7am, so on Friday I woke up extra early and dragged myself over there for the test… only to find out they were closed Friday *and* Monday for Memorial Day. I meant to do Tuesday but forgot, and then Seth had to be at work early on Wednesday, so now, finally, Thursday, I managed it. Hopefully being a few days into week 29 won’t matter too much.

I found myself looking up pictures of 29-week preemies today. Not because I want or expect Cecy to be born soon! Just because I was curious what she looks like now, and while there are plenty of artistic renditions online, I wanted to see what a *real* 29-week baby looked like. Of course, it’s hard to see, because most 29-week preemies are in the NICU and hooked up to breathing equipment and stuff. I definitely don’t want her to be born for a good many weeks yet! Besides, my swaddles haven’t arrived yet. πŸ™‚

I won two Ebay auctions (from the same seller, so I save on shipping, yay!) for Miracle Blankets, used. I’ve never tried the Miracle Blanket before, but Wallydraigle has talked about how awesome they are, and a lot of other people praise them to the skies, so I really wanted to try them. My Kiddopotamus Swaddlemes are great, but I’d need new ones anyway because my current small ones are microfleece (since my other babies were winter babies). And besides, in order to get those really tight, you have to pull hard on the Velcro, and between that and the frequent use and washings over two babies, the Velcro has really worn down on those to the point of being almost non-working. I still wouldn’t have gone with the Miracle Blanket if I hadn’t thought to check Ebay for used ones, though, as they’re just too expensive new.

I just ran across the most fantastic new (to me) author! Her name is Jessica Day George. She’s written a trilogy about dragons and a girl, starting with “Dragon Slippers,” along with two fairytale rewrites. They are *so* good! When I was reading the dragon series, I loved it so much that I found myself wanting to really pay attention to figure out how she makes the story so compelling and the reading so smooth. Of course, I got so into the story that I didn’t do that at all. So I’m actually going to start back at the beginning of the first book and reread the trilogy, even though I *just* finished them, and pay attention to how she develops the story, characters, plot, etc. Because, wow! I think I’ve just found the author who I most want to write like.

This evening, Beth and I were busily playing Nineveh with blocks and dolls. Jonah had just arrived and the citizens of Nineveh had repented of slapping each other with fish when–oh no!–Nineveh was destroyed anyway by a giant baby! Fortunately, the citizens of Nineveh were welcomed to Tarshish, where they lived happily ever after, repeatedly reenacting the story of Cinderella. Playing with Beth is almost like Biblical fanfic sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Cleanliness, dragons, kisses, Velcro, and Nineveh

  1. Ooh, I’m glad you got a good deal on those blankets.

    The Miracle Blanket scared me at first because of all the flaps everywhere and the fact that there was no velcro, and it was too short to tuck the tail into anything. But the material kinda clings to itself. Not like velcro at all, but it doesn’t slip like you’d expect it to. Especially if you pull it suuuuper tight at each wrap-around (like, I-think-I-might-break-her-arms tight, but don’t worry, you probably won’t break her arms).

    The flaps took me a few tries to figure out how to do without wads of fabric stuck all up behind her and everything. This will make a lot more sense once you get the blanket, but I’ll give you a few tips (and forgive me, but I don’t know how much of the step-by-step is in the instructions, so bear with my wordiness) (and really, the only one you might not figure out on your own is using the blade of your hand to tuck the flaps in, which took me forever, so if it’s totally obvious to you, I hope you don’t feel patronized) (also, you can just skip this if you think I’m being annoying).

    Right flap (your right, not the baby’s): Lay over baby’s arm and torso, then use the outer blade of your right hand (palm up or facing toward the baby’s side) to hold the flap and arm flat and tuck the flap under the baby’s body as you lift her by her feet with the other hand.

    Left flap: Same thing, except with left hand.

    Right (bigger) flap: Pull over her body, then again use the blade of your left hand to tuck the end between her body and her arm.

    Tuck legs in pocket (we started skipping this once the weather got warmer)

    Ginormous left flap: Wrap around, TUG from top seam, bottom seam, and middle. The baby may say, “NNNNNNGH!” It’s okay. The tighter, the better. Then wrap around again and TUG some more.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that every time you wash it, it shrinks just a little bit, so if you have a barrel-chested baby, it’s almost too small the first few times you use it after a wash. Don’t worry; it stretches right back out, though.

  2. Thanks for the directions! I think they make sense, but I’ll probably have to try them when the blankets actually arrive. Think Josie will be a good sample baby? Hmm. Perhaps had better use a doll. I’m definitely a fan of tight swaddling, so I don’t think I’d have a problem with doing it tight enough. That’s too bad about the temporary shrink after washing. Mine aren’t usually barrel-chested, generally more in the long-and-skinny type (I used to have a lot of trouble getting the Swaddlemes tight enough because the Velcro patch just wasn’t big enough to stretch them tightly. And then their legs didn’t have enough room.). But who knows how this next one will go!

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