Back to the drawing board

Well, my parents left this morning, so things should gradually get back to normal. While they’re here, the kids are of course a bit hyped up, plus overtired because they’re waking up too early. I’m hoping they’ll go back to their normal sleep habits, but if it’s that silly morning sunlight, I may have to look into blackout shades or at least tacking up a curtain over the window. It’s not just that they’re waking me up too early, it’s that it’s too early for them. Josie has been needing a morning nap again because she’s just so wiped out, and Beth, who won’t nap at all, is a terror by noontime because she’s overtired and whiny. Must fix this.

I had a nice birthday, and now I’m in my 30s! Eek! It’s odd, but I’ve spent very little time really thinking that far ahead specifically. I mean, we’ve considered things like when to start having kids and how to space them based on wanting to be done before I’m much into my thirties, and of course I’ve imagined growing old in rather abstract terms, but I think I’ve always mostly imagined life up until age 30. I guess that will be changing quickly now! To think that my next “big” birthday will be 40! Goodness.

My mom got me the newest Jessica Day George book, “Princess of Glass.” I wanted to save it, but I started to read a little bit, and it’s such a wonderful and compelling book that of course I got hooked and am now 3/4 of the way through it. It’s wonderful, but I wish I could have made it last longer.

Seth and I went out to see “Letters to Juliet.” I was surprised that he wanted to see it, as I thought it looked like mostly a chick flick. But we both really loved it! It’s a wonderful movie, very sweet and funny and romantic. I liked how they managed to make a romance movie that wasn’t slapstick and full of sex like most of the romantic comedies that are out there lately. And it was really very witty. We had the movie theatre to ourselves, as we went late at night on a Sunday, so we could make comments occasionally, that sort of thing. I’d highly recommend it to just about anyone.

I’ve been rather stalled in my own writing. I’ve realized that I need to do a lot more brainstorming and plotting before I can move forward. I’ve changed the pacing of my story somewhat, and now the structure means that I’ve essentially got a beginning and an end, with some but insufficient middle. It moves a little bit too quickly from the beginning of the story with the setup to the climax. So I’m trying to figure out how I want to work it. I don’t just want to throw unrelated complications at the main characters, I want to figure out what their challenges should be, who is working against them and why, and incorporate that into the story. So I won’t be writing any more actual story until some of that is solved. It’s slow going, but I think it will ultimately make for a better story. I need a brainstorm partner, though! Sometimes I wish I had another me, just to throw ideas at and see what comes about. Talking aloud helps, but it’s hard to do when Seth or the kids are around. Well, Josie doesn’t mind much, but Beth would ask too many questions and suggest that I add more princesses and dragons.


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