Coupon clipping and plot outlining

I’ve become obsessed with coupons lately. I started getting a Sunday paper and am really enjoying the cutting coupons process. I also ordered a few off , where you order clipped coupons through the mail. I couldn’t get very many, because most of them you have to buy at least 5 of, and we’re just not in a position to stock up at the moment since we’re only here for 3 more months. But I’m sure I’ll be using them much more in our new place. I also bought a coupon organizer off Ebay today, to use instead of an envelope. It’s cool, it even attaches to the cart! I’m hoping it will work on the double-child carts they have at the commissary. But regardless it looks like the best organizer for what I want, so that’ll be nice. So far my technique, when I’m at the store, is that I keep having to flip through every coupon in my envelope when I’m looking for a particular one. Then every time I put a product in my cart, I move its coupon into my reusable grocery bags so that I keep all the coupons I’m definitely using together. This way, I can keep the coupons sorted even at the store, so less standing in the aisle and searching for the one I want. Also, I’ll save the front pocket for the coupons I’m actively using, instead of having to dig through my bags for them. I hope it works well.

One effect the coupons have had is making me think twice about other purchases sometimes. Like, I wanted one coupon organizer that was exactly the same, just in cuter colors. But it cost $5 more. It seemed to belie the whole point of saving money in coupons… $5 more for the exact thing, just prettier? So I got the cheaper one.

Also, when I was driving home around lunchtime today, I was tempted to get fast food. But even though fast food isn’t all that expensive, it costs a lot more than a sandwich at home. And I don’t even want to think about what the milkshakes Beth always wants (and rarely gets) cost, in terms of coupons. I saved $26 last grocery trip, and I don’t want to undermine it by spending $5 in fast food. 🙂 I guess it’s a good thing! I’m also feeling really good about cutting my own hair… that’s $15 saved.

I really want to get a chest freezer or deep freezer when we get back to New England. I’m also considering looking at joining a wholesale club, like BJ’s. The freezer would be for buying things like meat and frozen vegetables in large quantities when they’re on sale. I’ve heard that the wholesale clubs are particularly good for meats, although I’d have to look and see what kind of deals they actually have, whether it’s worth the yearly fee.

Only 8 weeks until little Cecy joins us!

I should really have my rough draft done before then. Only it’s not going to happen. I maybe have a quarter written, if that. And I’m still revising some of the plot coming ahead in the story. I wish I could figure out a better way to organize my plot outline, though. I don’t know how people usually do it. I wish there were a plot outline tutorial!

3 thoughts on “Coupon clipping and plot outlining

  1. Oh hey! Didn’t realize I chose the same pic!

    I save our membership at Sam’s just in milk. Last time I actually ran the math, we had to average 1.5 gallons of milk a week to save over $40 and with 4 kids, we usually hit that really easily. We have the ‘supreme’ membership or whatever right now – they guaranteed we’d save 200/year with the sales – I’m not sure where we’re at, but it was 60/yr and we only did part of a year so we’ll see…

    And last time I actually looked [but didn’t do the math], there was a greater disparity in milk prices so…

  2. I’ve discovered the same thing since I started using coupons. I’m also more thrifty at home, in a lot of little ways. I’ve started being very careful about how I use disposable items, especially paper towels, which I tend to overuse. And when I’m washing the dishes, I’ll first fill up the entire side with soapy, clean ones before I start rinsing them. Vinegar and dryer balls instead of fabric softener or dryer sheets. Vinegar and baking soda to clean almost everything instead of special chemicals (but you can have my Pine-Sol when you pry it from my cold, dead hands).

    For a long time, I’ve felt like dead weight in this household. Now, I know better. I’m raising our children and keeping the house clean. That’s worth something. But my feelings don’t really care what my brain thinks. Since I’ve started couponing, even though I don’t really save THAT much, it’s made me feel much better about my role in this family.

    And it’s a little bit of exhilaration in what can be a tedious life when I’m tied to the house by children who NEED their naps. The other day I had a store coupon for $.87 dish soap, and then a dollar manufacturer’s coupon for the same dish soap. AND it was double coupon day, so I made $1.13 back. I realize this is silly, but that stupid extra dollar made me feel really good.

  3. Ooh, that’s awesome about the double coupons! Meijer doubles coupons, but only up to a dollar, which means that only two of my coupons today doubled. I did get some good deals by using coupons on sale items, though! Nothing free or that gave me money back, though. I’ll look forward to running into a deal like that some day!

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