Sick and pregnant – with updates on writing and homemade yogurt, take 3!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been sick this past week, and while it’s just a cold, I’ve felt rather grumpy and miserable. I’m really glad that it’s now instead of right around my due date, for sure! But I still wish it would be over.

Fortunately, last night, I got a great night’s sleep! I think I may have finally found the right solution for my restless legs. I’ve been trying to walk at night, pacing up and down for the block or so in front of my house, trying to work the leg muscles a bit. Of course, just walking a short distance isn’t exactly a lot of exercise for them, so a few times I tried sort of high-stepping. And that of course hurt my knee. And in general I wasn’t getting a lot of results. Then on Thursday I saw my doctor and she suggested trying Tylenol PM instead of Unisom. The Unisom definitely made me feel sleepy, which helped, but if my legs were bothering me it still wasn’t enough. She said that Tylenol PM has the Benadryl ingredient in it, and might help. It didn’t. A friend suggested maybe upping the exercise by walking up and down the stairs. That definitely upped the exercise my legs got, but as I was doing it I was conscious that I still wasn’t getting the right muscles (and that it was hard on my knees). Which made it occur to me… wait, since I know which muscles give me problems, why don’t I try isolating those muscles with a workout and see if that helps.

So I waited anxiously for Seth to come home, because he’s great about what exercises to do to work which muscles (so’s Google, except that I didn’t know what the muscles were called and was having trouble finding exercises that didn’t involve lying on my stomach, my back, or were too hard on my knees). He came home and had great suggestions, so I really got a good workout on those muscles, and between that and the Unisom… I slept great!

I’m just hoping that it wasn’t a fluke and that I can reproduce it tonight!

I’ve been having a *ton* of Braxton-Hicks, which is sort of exciting, as I never really got those with the two previous pregnancies! I did have regular, non-painful, contractions with Jocelyn the day before she was born. I thought they were the beginning of the real thing, and timed them and everything, but they ended up fading out overnight. The next morning they found that I was still having some, but irregular and such, so they induced/augmented anyway. These are irregular and I’m pretty sure are just Braxton-Hicks. So that’s kinda neat, because maybe if I’m having those at 36 weeks then it means I’ll go into labor on my own! That’d be a neat change.

I haven’t been keeping up to my intended writing pace the last few days. šŸ˜¦ I’m trying to do 250-500 words a day, closer to 500 when I can. I did something in the 400s the other night, but since I’d decided to start a scene over and erased a day or two’s work, I probably ended up with fewer words at the end of that day. And last night I only managed a few sentences before Seth came home and needed the computer. Oh, well. So tonight, while I do have a few things I need to do before I start writing, I definitely need to manage to get at least my 250-500 words in before he gets home! Anything after that I can consider a bonus. šŸ™‚

I managed to successfully make flavored yogurt, using gelatin as flavoring! And Beth wouldn’t even try it. šŸ˜¦ It was really right on, too, the consistency was even just about right. The only thing was that it “set” a bit, so when you scooped it out it would be just a tiny bit lumpy. Alas, she claimed that she “didn’t like Jello.” Not that she’s ever had Jello, but whatever.

So! I told her we could try flavoring it with pudding, which she was agreeable to, but only if she promised she’d at least try it. She did. So, we went looking at the pudding flavors. Of course, pudding only comes in a few flavors, vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, etc. So I subtly pointed out, “Oh, look, here’s raspberry and strawberry,” etc., not mentioning that those were gelatin instead of pudding. She totally went for it, putting strawberry and raspberry into the cart. So, strawberry and raspberry gelatin shall thusforth be known as “pudding.” My plan is to make it the same way I did last time, except that after it sets, I’m going to try the electric mixer on it (I’d go with a blender, but I don’t have one). I noticed that this stuff gets a lot smoother and it doesn’t lose consistency when I mix it with a spoon, so I think that it won’t turn it into milk or anything if I run it through the blender. Between that and the flavors being her favorites, maybe it will work this time! Cross your fingers for me.


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