Too tired to write

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while! I’m getting lazy in late pregnancy, I guess!

According to the midwife I saw yesterday, the baby has dropped! Not that that means anything specific, but just that things are moving along. She’s still facing forward, but she might not rotate until I’m actively in labor, so I won’t freak out about the possibility of “back labor” until/unless it happens.

Beth hasn’t been sleeping well. She’s been waking up occasionally at night, crying, for the past week or so, usually soothed back down. But the past few days, we’ve been having trouble both with getting her to go to bed and with her waking up at night, screaming, and being unable to get her to go back to sleep. She has a million requests (“More water,” “I can’t find my teddy bear,” “My blankets fell off,” “Fish thing on!”) but nothing too consistent, I think they’re more excuses than anything else. Maybe it’s knowing the new baby is coming, I’m not sure. I set up a nightlight for her tonight, and so far so good, but we’ll see whether she actually sleeps tonight. Honestly it’s not that big a deal to me to get up once, although it might be more of a problem once Cecy’s here, but it’s having to do so over and over and over again that is getting to me. Last night I hadn’t gotten to bed before her first wakeup, and it took 2-3 hours for her to finally fall asleep and stay asleep, so I got about 4 hours of sleep. Eek.

I think I’ve also been exhausting myself a bit with trying to keep things in good shape for potentially having to go to the hospital at any time. It’s still almost 2 weeks ’til my due date, but I’m in that “any day now” situation. I don’t want to leave a messy house… but it’s also stressful and exhausting to keep it clean, given how quickly the girls can make a mess. Fortunately I’ve trained Beth to clean up her “quiet time room” at the end of quiet time, so that helps with that room. Our room really needs attention, and I planned to do that today, but I’ve just been dragging all day and haven’t gotten anything done. Maybe tomorrow? I guess I should hope that I have at least a few more days, or maybe that I don’t go until my due date. Although, it would be pretty cool to have a baby born on 8-9-10!

2 thoughts on “Too tired to write

  1. Ugh. I know (kind of) how you feel. Grace stopped sleeping when I was about 4 weeks pregnant, IIRC. And she didn’t start again–solidly, at least–until about six months later. But I didn’t have to go through that last month on no sleep, thank goodness.

    I hope the night light solved it. Hang in there. Sleep deprivation can be debilitating. And it’s sneaky. Even when you don’t feel tired, it shows in other ways–crankiness, laziness (not actually laziness, just exhaustion, but I always feel like a lazy slug), forgetfulness. Can your husband help out at all? I never wanted Jeremy to, for a number of reasons (he has a job, I wake up anyway if a baby even peeps, and he’s super hard to wake up, and more), but if I thought it would have been helped, I might have turned nighttime duty over to him once or twice a week.

    Did you ever ask about the melatonin?

    • Well, thankfully, Beth’s disturbed sleep was fairly short-lived. Maybe I’m speaking too soon and I’ll jinx it, but after that one horrible night, she’s improved. After that night, I think we went about two nights in which she either woke briefly around 11, or I heard a cry around that time but didn’t go in immediately and she went back to sleep on her own. Last night, she went to bed fairly well and didn’t wake up at all. So keep your fingers crossed for me that this lasts! So I didn’t end up asking about melatonin, because things did get better and I’d rather not go that route unless I really need to.

      No, my husband can’t help at the moment. In general I’m in charge of nighttimes, because he works full-time, and also he’s a very deep sleeper and I’m a light one. But right now, he’s busily renovating a house and trying to finish as much as he can before the baby comes. So he comes home from work and then goes off as soon as he can to work on the house, and is often gone until the wee hours of the morning. Hopefully after the baby is born, he’ll be able to be home in the evenings a bit more at least, although I’ll still probably do night duty.

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