Wow, so I’m really not good at uploading pictures in general. I have a Picasa website and occasionally upload things to that, but I rarely think of Facebook or this blog. But, hey, this is a time to show off, right?

Cecilia had a great night last night. She slept in the bassinet a good deal, and she actually didn’t nurse all that often. She seemed to prefer sleeping to nursing, so that’s good. She was awake a lot more today during the day, I noticed, so maybe she’s getting her days and nights straightened out. That would be cool. She’s doing better in her bassinet, gradually. She likes sleeping in her bouncer, at least during the day, so that’s a possible second resort at night, although I much prefer her to sleep in the bassinet. She’s currently asleep on my lap and I’m going to bring her upstairs as soon as I finish typing. So right now she’s on a slightly later schedule than Beth and Josie, but that’s a good thing, because that means that I can get them down, then come downstairs and change her for bed, swaddle her, nurse her, and then bring her back up. It works pretty well. I can coordinate them all later, once she doesn’t need a nursing before bed.

So far I seem to be adjusting to the whole 3 kids thing. Some days, and some moments, are worse than others, some better. When I was driving back from dropping Mom off at the airport, I had a freakout moment–3 kids in 3 1/2 years, what was I thinking??? But in general things seem to go okay. Cecilia is fairly low-maintenance at the moment, which helps. The main parts that cause trouble are when she needs to eat and they need discipline/attention. During the day today, there was a point when they were really going at each other while I was nursing Cecy, and discipline is just not very effective when its words and I can’t easily follow it up with action. And then this evening, I was anxious to get them to bed because Cecy was downstairs crying for milk and they were doing the whole “but I don’t want to go to bed” thing. However, in general we’ve been doing well. I’ve gotten several loads of laundry done, the kitchen clean, bed made up for “Aunt Josie’s” visit (Josie is her namesake). Tomorrow I need to do a bit more work around the house before Aunt Josie comes, namely cleaning some bathrooms, vacuuming at least Aunt Josie’s room, and tidying the living room. I’m sure she won’t expect perfection in the house of a one-and-a-half-week-old baby, but nonetheless I want her room and bathroom nice and I don’t want the house to embarrass me. At least tomorrow is “Princess movie day” (I limit princess movies to weekends), so that will keep them busy and happy for a while, can probably get at least the kitchen clean and the living room tidied during that time. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Pictures!

  1. Whew. You are busy! Zero to one was a nasty shock for me. One to two was hard, but it wasn’t the complete lifestyle change that zero to one was. I do say that it quadrupled, rather than doubled, the amount of work, but it didn’t feel that awful. But two to three? Is that sixteen times the amount of work? I imagine sibling interaction between the two that are walking and talking adds a whole new dimension to parenting. Especially while nursing. I may be coming back to you for advice whenever we have number three. 🙂

    Speaking of which, those pictures are KILLING me. They are making me want another one. Already. I know I asked for them, but STOP IT! She’s so cute. And tiny. And hairy. Sigh.

  2. I do think that zero to one is the biggest change. The second one was actually fairly easy to assimilate into our lifestyle. I was already a stay-at-home mom, already went to various activities, so I just dragged a new baby along with me. I think in some ways this one will be harder, because when we go back to our regular base I’ll need to start over again in a new house, possibly finding a new church depending on whether we end up close to our old house, finding mom’s groups and stuff, all with two rambunctious kids and a newborn. But I don’t want to end up socially isolated, either, so I do need to find things to get involved in.

    It’s actually really nice having the oldest two interact! They do get physical and knock each other around a lot, which is a pain to sort out, but they also entertain each other a bit. I’m looking forward to when Josie becomes a more fluent talker, because I think that will add a whole dimension to their play as Beth sees her as more of an equal.

    I’m glad you like the pictures! 🙂 You totally need 3 so that we can share notes. 🙂 Although I’d wait a bit longer this time if you can. It’s not easy having them close together, and I know yours are even closer, but I do find that I like this split, especially after the little one is out of the newborn stage. (Mine are all 21–almost 22–months apart.) And I *love* the hair! My first had no hair, the second had *some* hair and I was over the moon… you can only imagine how excited I was to see how much hair this one has! I know it might fall out, and I’m resigned to that possibility, but I’m totally loving it while it’s here! Did yours lose theirs?

  3. Grace didn’t, except for an enormous, ridiculous-looking bald patch on the back of her head. It just got spikier and spikier and then *sniff* started lying flat. When she was 6 months old I trimmed it so it would keep sticking up, but eventually it was a losing battle. 🙂 Emmy was born with almost as much hair, but her head grew so fast that it thinned out and looked like it had fallen out within just a few weeks. She’s never been bald, but it was mostly just fuzzy after that. I never get sick of rubbing her head, though. Aaah, baby hair.

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