New house!

We have a new house!  And I haven’t even seen it.  Kind of funny, isn’t it?  Okay, so, I’ve seen pictures, just not the house itself.  Seth is already at our new base, getting back to his job and also moving us in.  Hopefully he’ll get a lot of the move-in done this weekend.  Meanwhile, I’m staying with my parents with the girls for a bit of a visit.  Next weekend or so, he’ll be coming down, visiting briefly, and then driving back up with us to get us settled in.  On one hand, I’m glad that I won’t have to be dealing with the first stage of the move with a tiny baby.  On the other hand, I’m a little sad not to be on hand to figure out where to place the furniture, etc.  However, I’m sure that there will still be plenty to do when I get there, and we might even do some rearranging as we figure out what works.

Now that we know about all the moving that we’ll necessarily have to do, as soon as I get there and have time, I’m planning to do a major, major weed-out of stuff we can get rid of.  Of course I did some of that when we moved, but I want to do a lot more.  For one thing, we went six months without a lot of our stuff and we did quite well.  Sure, we had a few times of Beth wanting her Thomas trains or something or other and having to tell her it was packed up at our old base.  And obviously there are lots of things we didn’t need during those six months that we do need–winter clothes, clothes that Beth or Josie have grown out of but that Josie or Cecy will need in the future.  Same with toys.  And a lot of the stuff is tools/materials of Seth’s that I really can’t make those decisions about.  But I do plan on really trying to get rid of as much as I can of the stuff I *can* make decisions about.  Because I’d like us to learn to travel light for future moves.  I think I’m even going to do what I always said I wasn’t and get rid of some children’s clothes.  I’m at the point now where I know we have more than we need (assuming I do laundry at least once a month), and I know which clothes I like putting on the kids and which I don’t.  There are plenty of clothes that look adorable on the hanger but not on the kid because of the way they hang, etc.  So I think I’m going to start setting those aside, plus some toys that aren’t big hits, and sell them at the consignment shop or somewhere.  I won’t get a lot for them, of course, but a little something, and since I love buying clothes at the consignment shops myself, it makes sense to contribute to participate on the other end.

I doubt we’ll end up doing much in the way of decorating at our new place (painting, etc.) since we know that Seth will be going back to school (again) next fall, so we won’t be in our new place all that long.  We’ll probably put the girls’ stickers up on the wall, but not do a whole lot else.  Not sure if it’ll be worth hanging pictures or not.

I haven’t been updating all that much even though I’m online a lot, because it’s rather difficult to type while nursing.  I tend to like to tuck Cecy in the crook of my arm, which leaves me with one hand free for typing (right now I’ve got a quilt wedged under her head).  Also, I don’t have my laptop, as I sent it with Seth, so I’m using my Dad’s.  So no pictures for a while (I don’t even have my camera).  But just to drive you crazy, I have some new cute baby pictures to upload once I have my laptop again.  Plus, Cecy is getting cuter every day.  So just you wait!

I’m looking forward to finding all the new stuff around our house.  I’ve already been looking through the local library’s catalog for princess books.  Beth is going to be delighted–there are zillions of them!  I’ve discovered the tricks for finding all the books.  “Disney princess” is not the best way, you want to go princess by princess and do a search for “Ariel disney” (without the quotes) to find all the Ariel books, etc.  I think I found about 20-30 new books on the Ariel search alone (although some have multiple princesses so will come up again).  I wish I could put them on hold and have them waiting when we get there, but unfortunately even though this town is 20 minutes from our former one, they don’t seem to be in the same system, so I need a new card.  Which I can’t get until I’m there in person.  So, I guess I’ll just remember to make a list of some books that are supposed to be available in the local branch when we arrive to get a card, and then I’ll order more when I can.  Between princesses, fairies, Dora, and Angelina Ballerina, we ought to have enough books to keep us busy for a long time!

I’ve also been exploring churches.  There are a few that look interesting near our house (one is .4 miles away!), but their websites are sadly bereft of most of the information I’m interested in.  A couple do have a good detailed statement of belief, which is good to find, and they seem consistent with what we’re looking for.  But most don’t, and they’re independent, which means that we can’t get any clues from the denomination.  One is Baptist, but they don’t say which convention, and since the conventions are pretty different, that doesn’t help a whole lot.  I’m trying to decide whether to email their “contact us” person to ask my questions (thus giving my name and contact info to a church that we might decide against), or whether to just try to attend a service and grab any brochure they have).  I’m also interested in childcare during service, and whether they have any other interesting programs during the week for kids, or for adults with childcare provided.

I gave Cecy a bath yesterday.  I had told Beth we were going to do it “in a little while.”  She disappeared, then came back telling me she had a surprise waiting in the bathroom.  I went in to discover that she had assembled baby wash, kid shampoo, a wash cloth, and bath toys.  So cute.  Then during the bath she “read” Cecy a book (by silently turning the pictures while holding the book where the baby could see it) to keep her happy, and when Cecy fussed a bit, said, “It’s okay, Cecy.  Beth is here.”  So cute.  After the bath, while I was drying Cecy off, Josie, who had been busily filling the tub with toys while Cecy was in there, asked me to take her shirt off.  She’d gotten it a bit wet.  So I did.  Then she wanted her pants off.  This puzzled me more, as they seemed dry, but I complied.  Then she tried to climb into the tub, realized she still had her diaper on, and asked me to take that off, too.  Apparently she figured Cecy was done, it was her turn.  So I let her climb in and play in the baby tub for a few minutes.  Beth then wanted to, too, but she didn’t really fit.

Beth has been talking about wanting a princess birthday party.  Her birthday isn’t until January, so I don’t really have a problem with her going back and forth between princesses and Dora.  Now she wants everybody dressed up like princesses or princes, and a ball.  With a carriage.  It occurred to me, it would be really cute to set up the little baby bike trailer we have, make some sort of cardboard wrap-around to make it look like a carriage,  hook it onto a bike, and then make a horse’s head for the handlebars of the bike, so the bike looks like a horse.  Then have the girls conveyed to the “ball” in the carriage.  I love planning stuff like that.  Josie will be easier, I think.  Sesame Street decorations, lots of balloons, cake.  The difficult thing for her will be coming up with a good present.  Whereas it’s easy to think of stuff Beth would like.  Funny how that works.