Okay, so it’s been a while

But in my defense, I’ve been a bit busy.

We moved into the new house.  Or, sort of.  There are still quite a few boxes around that we haven’t really gotten to.  A pile of clothes in our bedroom that belong in the girls’ room.  Etc.  I’ve got a ton of work to do, still, and just keeping the house basically neat requires most of my free non-nursing time all day.  I’m tempted to start requiring toys to stay in the playroom.  But not sure how to enforce it.  I may at least start a one-toy-at-a-time rule in the living room once I finish the next cleaning.  Toys, toys, everywhere.

Speaking of toys, I’ve been Christmas shopping for the kids.  I’m thinking to get some Lego Duplos on Ebay (can get a lot more for a lot less there) and some really neat toy food sets from Amazon (one is sandwich-making, the other is peelable vegetables), and give each girl half the Duplos and one food set.  That will give them two new things to play with (Legos and food) and give both “ownership” in the sets, so that Beth can’t hog everything and refuse to let Josie play… she’ll have to let her have at least *some* because half will belong to Josie.  Bwa ha ha.  I also need to plan for a birthday present for Beth, who has a birthday a few weeks after Christmas.  I think for that I may look for some people to populate her Lego houses.  We’ll see.  I don’t have a huge budget to work with, so I need to be inventive and vigilant about watching Ebay.

One thing I *have* been spending money freely on is homeschooling.  Okay, not spending money *freely*, but I’ve spent a bit lately buying some workbooks and supplies.  I got Beth two sets… one set of workbooks by Brighter Learning that go through different activities, including stuff with letters and numbers, and another set of workbooks by Kumon that work on motor skills and involve activities like cutting, folding, stickering, and tracing.  I bought her her very first pair of scissors (children’s safety scissors, of course), and I need to pick up some glue sticks sometime.  Also bought some pencil grips so that she can work on holding a pencil well.  I got a paper cutter for myself, for cutting out projects for her and for clipping coupons.  Contact paper for “laminating” some of the projects I have for her.  I got a whole stack of “R” books from the library and a Leap Pad with some phonics and reading books.  Etc.  Lots of stuff going on!  So far things are going well.  She loves the DVDs I got her a few weeks ago by Leap Frog that teach letters and their sounds and how they make words.  She’s been writing letters on her own while watching the letter DVD, which is very cool.  This reminds me that I should put some books on hold for next week to take down to my parents’ house.  This week we were working on the letter R and reading books about Pocahontas.  I’m thinking next week the letter P, Helen Keller, and clouds or weather.  Just to be fun.