Christmas preparations

Yet again, I’ve let far too long go between posts. Right now I should really be working on Cecy’s Christmas stocking, but I’m not really in the mood, so this is a great way to procrastinate. I suppose my not wanting to do something else is at least beneficial to the blog!

So, my Christmas shopping is pretty much done, which I’m quite pleased about. I had to start early because I needed to get the presents to the Mid-Atlantic state where my parents and in-laws all live, which meant either bringing them with me or buying them there when I visited over Thanksgiving, or having them sent. I even got a pretty cool present for Seth, which I hope he enjoys.

I’m still trying to figure out whether I’m done with presents for the girls. I have a pretty small budget ($30) for each girl, and I’m trying to stretch it as far as I can. I’m also a bit torn on a few things that I’ve bought, planning to give them for Christmas, but that might not count as Christmas presents. For one thing, I got the Fisher Price Little People “Inn at Bethlehem” to go with our Little People Nativity Set. I plan to give it to the girls early, probably as soon as we get the tree up, so that we can use it to act out the story of Christ’s birth, and let the girls play with them and spend time thinking about Jesus.

The other one I’m not sure about is a game that is intended for homeschool, but that I thought I would give at Christmas because it might make the ABC game more interested to Beth. “Ooh, let’s play with my present!” instead of “Let’s play the homeschool game.” Nonetheless, it’s intended to be educational more than anything else. Hmm.

My main present for them is a schoolbus full of Lego Duplos that I got from somebody off craigslist for a great price. I was planning to split that between them, then get each one additional present. But then… I just happened across another great deal on Lego Duplos, this one including a table, and now I’ve spent almost their entire Christmas budget on Duplos. Oops. Could save some of them for something in the future, not sure what, exactly, though.

Beth also has her birthday in January. In some ways, that complicates things, although in other ways it makes things possible that wouldn’t be otherwise (can combine presents, etc.). I really want to get her this Melissa & Doug Tiered Cake for her birthday. She loves play food and cakes especially, and it seems somewhat appropriate to do the cake for her birthday. So… we’ll see.

Mom and I took Beth to see Tangled during our Thanksgiving visit. It was her first “real” movie (we took her a year ago to see “Earth,” which was a bit too scary for her and I spent most of the time in the hallway with her waiting for the occasional non-scary moment that she could watch). Tangled was fantastic. I love the new style of animation they use, it’s absolutely gorgeous. The movie was witty and just downright funny–the animals provided a great deal of humor. I liked the characters and actually felt like we saw them grow through their experiences, and their relationship really did seem to grow naturally (no love at first sight here!). I’d love to see it again. And again.

One cute Josie moment: in the car last night on our way back up to New England, she woke up and wanted “down” from her car seat. I told her I couldn’t, that she had to stay in her car seat. Josie: “Why?” Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but it’s the first time she’s ever asked me why something had to be a certain way. I’ve never heard her say the word before. It just seems to signal a huge jump in logical processes, where she wants to know the reason for something and is able to express it. Pretty awesome!

Beth wants to marry the little boy next door. Not so awesome.


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