No rest for the weary

I was so tired this evening that I decided I would really have to try to get to bed early (even though I generally love my evenings to myself so much it’s hard for me to do). I turned my computer off at 9, got things ready for school tomorrow, prepped the kids’ breakfast, got ready for bed, and was in bed at 9:40. And I’d swear I’d had 6 cups of coffee (no, I don’t drink coffee) within the last half hour, because my heart and brain were racing along and I couldn’t even come close to falling asleep.

Then, at 10, Charlotte woke up. Fed her, got her back in bed around 10:40. Went back to sleep. Woke up at 11 when Emily was crying… she’d had a nightmare about Jenny getting sick. Got her settled back in and went back to bed. Heart and brain still racing.

11:30, Charlotte wakes up again. No idea why. She just ate. I changed her diaper, but it wasn’t particularly wet. No hair wrapped around tiny fingers or toes. She seemed happy enough once she had me, so I don’t think she was hurt or anything. I couldn’t get her to go back to sleep without crying, though. So finally I let her cry and went to eat some leftover cake, make ice cream, and fiddle about with homeschool stuff online. And now it’s 1am. So much for getting to bed early.

So, I spent a ton of time researching the prices for books, and ultimately bought a lot of books from Sonlight but didn’t buy their packaged curriculum, and bought some books from Amazon and Abebooks. I just did a price compare… for this year’s books, I spent about $444 (yes, Sonlight is expensive). If I’d bought their packaged curriculum and then bought the additional items (handwriting, a US puzzle, special binder, learning to read items) at whichever source was the cheapest, I would have spent $518. So ultimately I ended up saving about $74. Which is a pretty decent amount, although proportionally it’s not huge. And considering that it meant buying a number of books used, and how much work I spent in price comparisons (seriously, folks, hours and hours), and how long it’s taking some of the books to arrive… I’m starting to wonder whether it was worth it. I think that I’ll monitor Ebay in May, June, and July for used curriculum for the following year, and for the math set that I want. (Because that’s my best chance of saving money, buying a large set used.) But if I don’t see them on Ebay, I might seriously consider just buying the core set from Sonlight and being done with it. After all, I’ll get plenty of use out of it, with three children to use it. And there’s also a part of me that wants to support Sonlight, as I believe in their mission. Anyway, it’s something to think about.

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