Two days in one!

Today was a little… weird.

I got started really late. And I mean really late. I think I was getting my shower at 10am. I’m not really sure how it happened exactly. I woke up around 7:30, I think, but didn’t get my shower before I needed to start getting Charlotte ready for her nap… and then by the time she was in her pack ‘n’ play it was 9, and she wouldn’t go to sleep and just kept screaming… So, yeah. Late start.

I had planned to take the girls to the library and Charlotte to get her 6-month shots… (yeah, she’s 7 months old now, oops). But once she finally went to sleep, she slept until 12:30 and that was out. So maybe tomorrow.

So we didn’t start morning school until maybe 11am.

The odd thing, though, is how productive we were. We actually did almost 2 days’ worth of school (minus the handwriting, which we didn’t get to). Not only that, but Emily did about a week or more’s work in her numbers workbook because she loves it and just wanted to keep going. So we read two days’ worth of stories, did two days’ worth of matching activities, etc., and we even read a few of her phonics books, which wasn’t on the schedule.

Then we made paper dolls. First she wanted help cutting out bears so that she could make Goldilocks and the Three Bears paper dolls (we read that book yesterday). Then I found a template online ( and printed them out. I cut out the dolls and two dresses, and then I had to get some other stuff done. She ended up cutting out a bunch more dresses and coloring everything beautifully. She had so much fun. It was very cute.

Then I got the dishes done, table cleared, counters sprayed, dishwasher run. Cleaned the playroom and organized some things that are always all over the place into nice neat bins. Put a ton of stuff into the attic. Picked up the living room. Swept everything. Did some laundry. The house was actually fairly clean by the time that Seth got home at 4:20.

And I’m sort of… mystified. Some days we start at 9am, we do one day’s worth of school, and I can’t manage to do the dishes. So what happened today? Seth’s theory… time turners. Hmm.

Anyway. So, I’m not as thrilled with my little makeshift program as I would have liked. I found this website that recommended some nice picture books ( for homeschooling preschoolers. And honestly, I’m just not liking most of them. They aren’t classic picture books, they’re just… favorites of one particular family, I guess. I don’t really like “Stories For Me.” I think it’s had one story that I thought was worth reading. The rest are just eh. The story about Dooms was okay but a bit long and just didn’t capture Emily’s interest. A Winter Story and a Spring Story were really the only two that we’ve liked much so far. I’ll look forward to when we finish the stories from that website, though. I found a lot more on , and they seem to know what they’re talking about, as I’m familiar with a lot of these books from my time as a librarian. Definitely classics. A lot of these are also on Sonlight’s curriculum, which is reassuring! So I’m just going over the ones that Sonlight doesn’t cover.

So we’ve just started our second week of interlude before we start the second year of Sonlight preschool, P4/5. I’m so excited! I had to put the books in the attic just to keep myself away from them. We’ll have a lot of fun this fall, though!

One thing that I may be shooting myself in the foot with is starting Handwriting K and Language Arts (LA) K already. It just seemed silly to wait until P4/5 or even A (they renamed the core curriculums, so instead of K through 7 they are now A through H) to start learning letters when she already knows most of them. And I wanted to do handwriting as well because Emily writes all the time, and she forms a lot of her letters wrong. So I wanted to get her writing them the correct way if she’s going to write them anyway. However, since she’s young, my solution was to alternate days. One day of handwriting, one day of language arts. And I think that, despite everything, it will actually work out well. A 36-week schedule of each will take 72 weeks to complete at the half-rate of alternating days. So my 20-week interim schedule plus the 36 weeks of regular school will leave me with 16 more weeks of them at the end of the year. And since I’ll probably want to do another interim schedule before starting Core A, it should work out really well. I could also start doing them every day at that time if needed, so get them done in 8 weeks. So I’m hoping it won’t end up being a problem.

One thing I’m doing with the language arts, though, is skipping the book “Language and Thinking For Young Children.” It’s a nice book, but it’s too advanced for where Emily is right now. While she knows a lot of her letters and their use of the book “Get Ready For the Code” and introducing a letter a week is fine (even a little basic), it also has lessons like learning the “30 Days Has September” song, and… she doesn’t even really know her days of the week, much less the months, and she doesn’t understand her numbers well enough that the 30/31 days in a month thing would mean anything to her. Etc. I might do some lessons and skip others, as some are things like fables that she’d probably find interesting. I’m just hoping that skipping this book won’t be an issue in the future. It looks like it’s covered in Core B, where it’s optional, but I’m not certain if they cover the exact same things. I emailed a curriculum adviser to ask (it’s so awesome that they have curriculum advisers on staff! I wish I could do a live chat, but their hours for that are only during the day and I tend to be busy with the kids then).

Oh, and don’t worry. I’m making a calendar for her, so that she can start learning the days of the week and months of the year. She’s just not there yet.


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