A picnic and a calendar

Two quick pictures for you, as it’s a bit late.

First, we didn’t really do much school today. We hit the craft store this morning for foamboard and superglue… foamboard was on sale, so I bought a ton! Be prepared for more foamboard creations in the future! Then we read a book about having a picnic, and we had a picnic ourselves outside. This is the best picture I managed to get of it. All the children are at least looking in the general direction of the camera and nobody is making a disgusting face, so that’s something.

Next, this evening I finally mostly finished the calendar I’ve been working on for Emily to learn her days of the week, months of the year, and in general to get a sense of time. It also has weather and temperature and clothing. It will also have some little square to put on the calendar boxes with activities that she does on various days, like dance, AWANA, church, etc., but I haven’t finished those yet. She can use it as it is for now, and hopefully I’ll get those finished tomorrow.


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