A pretty typical day

Nothing too extraordinary today. We didn’t really get around to morning school, as we went grocery shopping. I went to a different grocery store today, one of those ones where you can get a scanner thing that you carry around the store and scan your items as you bag them yourself. I liked it! Will definitely be going back. I need to plan my trip better, though, with the store sale ad and coupons and such.

Anyway, we did get in a bit of afternoon school. Some reading and a bit of work in “Get Ready For the Code.”


Yes, that’s chocolate around Emily’s mouth. I’ve been trying to cut down on treats lately, having snacks be fruits or veggies, etc. But I do usually allow them one treat snack (fruit snacks, graham crackers, cheese sticks, etc.) a day. Emily asked if she could have a piece of fruit in the morning and then have pudding after lunch, so I agreed.

Then, after we read a book called, “The owl who was afraid of the dark,” we made an owl craft.

Also, I’ve been working on the girls doing chores more regularly. I liked an idea I read in a homeschool magazine about short, 10-15 minute chores in the morning, afternoon, and evening. So I’m starting that (no afternoon chore for Jenny as she naps then). I created a chart with pockets for each time period, and little chore cards that I can put in the pockets to tell them what chore they have in each time slot.

The three girls’ names are across the top, Emily, Jenny, then Charlotte. I cut that part off because the names I use here are pseudonyms and I’d rather not give the real ones. Anyway, Emily is first, so she has chores in all the slots. Jenny has all but afternoon, and Charlotte, being only 7 months old, has none. I’ll put the chore cards in the time slot when I want them to do that chore, then when they finish each chore, they get to move it to “done.”

And now that I’m finished, I’m rather exhausted, so I’m vegging out for a few minutes, then going to bed. Good night!


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