New homeschool stuff!

I discovered a really cool new homeschool blog, Confessions of a Homeschooler ( I’m really loving it! Not only is the blog fun to read (the entry about “Teeny Tiny Tot School,” you can’t help but laugh), but she’s also got some really great tools! The “Letter of the Week” activities look totally awesome, and now she’s got a K4 add-on that is an extension of the same activities. I’m seriously thinking about redesigning my little planned review of preschool so that I can incorporate these activities. They’d go really well with our letter learning from Get Ready For the Code. They do both letters and numbers, and the activities look really fun. Unfortunately, we don’t have a color printer, and it would be prohibitively expensive to print everything at a copy shop. Nonetheless, I’m thinking about trying them in black and white and see how well it works out. It won’t be as brightly-colored and fun, but it might be well enough. And I could possibly print in color just those things that really require color. So I’m pretty excited about trying a few of these things. I might drop out some of the books I was planning for us to do and do more of these activities as well. We have plenty of time, after all. Also, I think that these will be even more useful for Jenny in a few years, as I’m planning to combine Jenny and Charlotte in the same year of core for Sonlight, so while I’ll let Jenny do math and reading and such on whatever level is appropriate for her, I’ll also be stretching out the books some to keep her busy until Charlotte is ready to join her. So interspersing with some other activities would be great.

If you’re interested in the Letter of the Week stuff, she’s currently running a contest to win the K4 Expansion Pack. So check out and enter to win!

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