Letter of the Week fun!

Okay, so, I know I just posted a bit earlier today. But I have to post again, because I just paid for and downloaded the K4 Expansion Pack for the Letter of the Week program offered at Confessions of a Homeschooler, and I am totally loving it! It’s absolutely perfect! A few of the sections are a little too advanced, and a few involve lots of the letters, so I’ll want to save those for a bit later. But that’s perfect, because that means that we’ll have some room to grow with this pack. And there are some things that are oh so perfect!

One of them, for instance, is the vowel blends worksheets. There are a bunch of worksheets with little pictures of objects/animals (and the pictures are really cute and absolutely clear, by the way). For instance, the first picture is of a fish. Then next to the fish are the letters “i” and “o.” The worksheet asks the student to circle the vowel sound they hear in the middle of the word. Later worksheets have, for instance, a picture of a box, and then “bo” and “bi,” and ask the student to circle the vowel blend they hear at the beginning of the word. These are really perfect, because they’re exactly what Emily needs. She’s right in-between, where she basically knows all of her letters and their sounds (minus a few, and she needs to learn how to write them correctly), but sounding out an entire word is a bit difficult for her. She can pronounce each sound separately but has trouble putting them together and remembering the sounds long enough to even try. So I think these will be very well-suited to her.

So my current thought is to maybe do a bit of a redesign (again!) of our little schedule over the next few weeks, taking out some stuff and working in these activities. We’ll continue to match the letter of the week (and the appropriate expansion pack) activities as we progress through the Code books. Once we finish the Code books and move on to the other parts of the Language Arts program and Handwriting, I’ll put in the activities the deal with the whole alphabet, maybe with a few other favorites interspersed. It should be a lot of fun! I’ll try to take pictures.

I just finished prepping the “M” letter stuff for tomorrow. I had to color in some of the activities with marker (because we only have a black and white printer), but they turned out remarkably well. So I have lots of activities ready to go, and we’ll fit in as many as we’re comfortable with, then save some for the next day. I can’t wait!

We had several odds and ends on our back deck from when we moved here. A small spare trash bin, some plastic tubs, a plastic writing table (the kind you would sit on the floor to use, with pockets on the sides for crayons/markers), and an extra large and deep paper tray (pink). So I rescued the writing table and the paper tray, washed them, and they’re finally dry and ready. The writing table I gave to Elisabeth, and she’s been using it for her drawing today, so she seems to like it. The paper tray is going to hold each day’s collection of books and activities for school. I can get it ready and loaded the night before, so when it’s time for school I can just pick it up and move it wherever I need it. Awesome. I’ll even try to put games, activities, and school supplies in it, so that we don’t have to hunt for them when it’s time.

Oh. And Amazon is the best place (well, better than the craft store) for buying Velcro dots. Just in case anybody else goes through them the way I have been lately. 🙂


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