Already she climbs!

So, Charlotte has been crawling, what, a month? Something like that. Yesterday I heard her crying piteously and walked in the room to find her marooned on top of a box that she’d managed to climb. She was in the crawl position, both arms and legs on the box, about a foot in the air. She had no idea what to do next. This child is going to be some adventure. Then she did it again today.

I should mention that she learned, about three days ago, how to pull herself to a stand. It’s now her favorite thing in the whole wide world, and I think she’d spend all day standing up, holding onto things, if it weren’t that her legs aren’t quite up to the challenge.

The other day, she got her bath first, then it was the big girls’ turn. While they were in the tub, she crawled over to the tub, held onto the side and stood up, and then she started lifting one leg and then the other like she was trying to climb in. It was so cute! And would be very dangerous, of course, if it weren’t that she’s only about tall enough for her head to poke up above the height of the side of the tub, so she’s no way that she could fall in, even leaning forward. And I’m in there keeping an eye on her, anyway. She does have the tendency to get into the trash can, so I often have to lift it up and put it on the sink when she’s in the bathroom.

I haven’t really updated lately because we’ve been packing, packing, packing. Oh, and did I mention packing? Our living room is the current place for most of the boxes. Items that fall under our weight allowance for professional books (Seth’s engineering books and military gear, my homeschool books and supplies) are in our bedroom. The house is filling up fast!

I’m kind of at the point where I struggle to figure out what to pack next. We’re using most of what’s left. And there’s just so much “miscellaneous.” I find myself wanting to just toss things in boxes. But then I’m not sure what to toss in, what we don’t need for the next few weeks. And a lot of it is Seth’s, so it’s even harder for me to discern.

However, break is over, so I’d better go figure out *something* that I can pack. Wish me luck!