Mother’s Day Out and a new play structure!

The church that we’ve started going to has something called “Mother’s Day Out.” It’s a program that you sign up for, and you can drop your kids off every Wednesday morning for a few hours (or, well, you can do morning + afternoon as well) so that you can run errands without kids, get things done around the house, schedule appointments, etc. It’s not free, but it’s fairly inexpensive. Hour by hour, it’s slightly cheaper than the *very* inexpensive preschool that Emily went to for a month here before we moved away last fall.

I can’t find the signup form, so I’ll have to grab a new one at church today, but I think I might go for it. Jenny doesn’t want to do it, of course (she cries every time I drop her off at church nursery), but as she did okay at our old church in Massachusetts, I think it just takes her a bit longer to get used to a place. So I think I might sign both girls up for now. You pay by the session, so if it really doesn’t work for Jenny, I can always pull her out later. She plays better independently than Emily does, even though she’s younger, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world to have her home. And I think that Emily will really enjoy it, as it’s almost a bit like preschool. Charlotte I’ll keep home, because she usually naps in the morning anyway. Not only do I not think she would nap there, but also there’s no point in paying the extra money to have somebody else watch her nap. πŸ™‚

Hopefully it won’t interfere with homeschool too much. The family group that I joined also has a preschool coop once a week. But even if she does both, two mornings a week shouldn’t be the end of the world. I’m already hoping to make P4/5 last as long as possible. And I can try to do a few things in the afternoon. In fact, while sometimes I struggle to get our afternoon school session done just because I so want to spend afternoon naptime/quiet time getting things done around the house, having the girls gone in the morning might make me more productive then and more able to fit school in the afternoon. Wow, that was a sentence worth of Cooper or Hawthorne. I hope you can parse it, because I don’t feel like rewriting.

Seth took down a tree yesterday. I was quite impressed. He figured it out by watching videos of tree removal on YouTube. πŸ™‚ He didn’t even crash my clothesline that was almost underneath, or so much as brush the house with a branch. Very awesome. We’ve got a bit more sun now, and once he gets the stump out he’ll have a place to park his car not on the road.

In other news, we got a play structure for our backyard! Yay! And it was free! More yay! I saw it on Freecycle Friday evening and responded immediately (although it had been up for two hours). Late that night, I got a reply and he said I could have it! Seth went over and picked it up. And yay!
This is a stock photo, of course. As ours is from Freecycle and 5 years old, it doesn’t look that lovely. But all the parts are present, Seth will make sure it’s safe, and I’m going to stain it and buy a new canopy, so it should look pretty nice soon! I’ll take pictures as soon as I can.

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