Dance teachers don’t need math

We’re really flying through our school year. We’re in Week 11 now and it’s only September. At this rate we’ll be done by Christmas! We’re actually in the last week of science, as well. I’m looking forward to starting the next year’s science program, Science A. I think it will be fun, as it has lots of science experiments. I was lazy and bought the kits with all the supplies, so I don’t have to skip experiments because I don’t have the supplies I need on hand.

Emily is still hating math, which is frustrating. I’m not really sure what to do about it. I’ve switched to just trying math games, like memory, and even that she gets frustrated with. There were a few fun activities in “What Your Kindergartner Needs To Know” that I might try, like using paperclips to measure things. Maybe they will interest her. I think one of the problems is that she has decided that her life’s ambition is to be a dance teacher, and “dance teachers don’t need math.” Cannot *wait* until my adult friend Jenny (not my second daughter, but the person she’s named after) comes for a visit in November, as she’s taught dance (and is now a lawyer) and can tell her lots of reasons that dance teachers need math.

Two things I need to work on are getting started earlier in the morning, and getting in more physical activity time. My *intent* is to go upstairs to get my shower at 8:30, then start chores at 9 and school at 10. With the idea that, if the kids wake me up earlier, I get more free time/computer time in the morning, and if I get to sleep later, I get less time. In practicality, when they let me sleep late, I still end up taking about as long in the morning before starting my shower, and sometimes it’s not until 9, and then when I come downstairs I don’t get right to work on chores but do other stuff instead, and then pretty soon the dishes still aren’t washed and it’s 10am, and should I do the dishes or school? Etc. Yes, I am incredibly lazy. Also, I send the kids outside plenty and watch them from inside, but I don’t go outside with them as often as I should.

So, I’m going to really try to work on those two things these next few weeks. Getting going earlier in the morning, and getting the kids to be more physically active by doing it with them. I don’t end up taking them to a “real” park all that often because I want Charlotte to nap in the morning. But I think what I will start doing is taking them after lunch. There’s about a two hour window between when I wake Charlotte up from her morning nap and when I put her down for her afternoon nap, so even if lunch is in that time period, there should still be plenty of time for the park. And I’ll try to play a bit with them, as much as I can with Charlotte underfoot/attached via baby carrier. On the plus side, pullups are a lot more work (and benefit) when you have to lift an extra 20 pounds!

And as for getting going in the morning, I think I’m going to install a program that will automatically hibernate my computer at 8:30am. Eep! But I *want* a clean house and to get more things done, so I think I’m going to have to try it. Wish me luck!