Emily started kindergarten yesterday! We made a big deal of it. After she finished preschool on Monday, we went to a children’s museum to celebrate on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, she wore a favorite dress and I took pictures of her. Her pink bunnies (loveys) came to watch her do school.

Emily’s reading is getting better and better. She’s reading most 3-letter words fluidly without sounding them out, as well as some of the more common 4-letter words. She’s working on words like “grass” and “quick” now. Such a jump from a few months ago when it was all “Sam is a rat.” She still isn’t a big fan of it during our reading lessons, but she loves showing off to people at other times, and reading signs or reading things to her sister. She observed, while I was driving the other day, that a sign said “BUMP.” So she’s definitely noticing all the writing in the world around her.

We’ve had *huge* success with math since switching to Life of Fred. I don’t think it’s a very complete program in the elementary years, but she is learning *something*, so we’ll do that for a while before getting back to RightStart.

The main reason that I decided to graduate her to kindergarten was that we’re starting a new Sonlight core, Core A. So far it’s going great, although we’ve only done two days. There still aren’t enough readalouds for Emily’s taste, though, so we’re reading the main readaloud book, “The Boxcar Children,” about twice as fast as we’re supposed to. I’ll add in a sequel once it’s done, so that we still hit the next book roughly on schedule. At least, that’s my current plan. We’re also catching up on some of our magazines that we’ve received and not read yet. We get “My Big Backyard,” which is great, and “God’s World News,” which is interesting, but it’s written at *way* too low a level to hold Emily’s interest, and yet too high a level for her to read it herself, so I read her the parents’ notes to elaborate on the stories. I think if I renew it, I’ll jump her to whatever the next level is.

Not much to update other than about school. We’re still waiting for the new house to be finished. Now it’s looking like it might be February when we move in. It’s at least a few week’s away.

Oh, Emily’s birthday is in a few days, so we’re having her party next weekend. The theme this time is going to be dinosaurs. So I need to make a papier-mache Tyrannosaurus Rex and stuff him with candy and such. Plus I need to make a dinosaur cake. I did get some great deals on treats for the goody bags and dinosaur skeletons to bury for a fossil dig on With their free shipping, I was a little worried they were going to be a scam, but they weren’t! I got everything fast and just as described. Awesome.