Finally, a (somewhat) clean house

Today was somewhat productive. I ended the day with educated kids, a clean living room, a clean table, clean(-ish) kitchen, and lots of clean clothes (that still need to be folded). So, not bad!

We finished ancient Rome yesterday, and today read the missionary stories of Thomas and John Mark. So tomorrow we start Vikings! What a jump. Hopefully the kids will be interested.

We’re also speeding through our read-alouds like crazy. We’re supposed to be on our second read-aloud, having read two stories from another book that is a compilation. Instead, we’ve read four of them, as well as most of the stories from that book, and a bunch of other books I’ve been substituting in. I’ve started a list of extra books to check out from the library just to keep us in books!

I brought back in an older math book we’d been using for a while last summer, Singapore Earlybird Math. We’d done about 1/3rd or so, I think, and then put it aside. Since we’ve gotten through Life of Fred very quickly, and I packed away our RightStart materials, I pulled out the Singapore books again so that we have at least some math to go through. She’s doing fairly well with it, doesn’t seem to mind it too much. I’ve been careful to not use the word “math,” just to say, “Okay, now we’re going to work on this book.” We’ve also started using Kumon’s “Easy Telling Time” book, as I’d like to gradually introduce time-telling.

I’ve noticed, though, that she really doesn’t know how to write the numbers, gets them backwards, etc. Her writing of letters has much improved since she’s been doing handwriting sheets–while she doesn’t always do them correct, the constant use of handwriting practice seems to be gradually influencing her writing without my having to harp on it. So I’d like to do the same for numbers, except that our handwriting program, “A Reason For Handwriting,” doesn’t cover them. It doesn’t introduce the numbers until level A, and then it just sort of assumes that kids basically know how to form them and doesn’t give them much practice. So I found a site online that allows you to generate handwriting pages, and made pages for the numbers 1-20, writing the name of the number at the top of the page. I’ll start those on Monday, hopefully that will help make a difference in her writing.

Tomorrow I’m taking the girls to an event at Toys ‘R’ Us, a launch of their new Lego Friends sets. Kids get to build a lemonade stand to go with their “Friends” sets, and there are supposed to be some other activities as well. I think the girls will love it! I haven’t told them about it yet, but I definitely want to go. I called to see if it would be okay for Jenny to come, too, since she’s only 3, and they said it would be fine. Charlotte will tag along, of course, too, but I plan to have her in the back carrier so that I can help the others without Charlotte getting into everything. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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