Getting Ready for NewBaby

Today was less of a homeschool day and more of a spending-money day! Emily did ask me what Labor Day was celebrating, but I didn’t really have much of an answer other than, “It’s something that organized labor lobbied for?” so we didn’t really do anything particularly celebratory today. But I have been needing to get a cradle swing and a bouncer for the new little one when she arrives, and since my husband finally got some large things out of the van that had been living there for a while, I now had room! So we went off to the consignment shop. Closed until noon. 😦 Very annoying, as I had gone online to check hours ahead of time, and seen a notice of a Labor Day sale but no notice of shortened hours. We had to go to Walmart, too, so we headed over there instead. Got a few things for Charlotte’s birthday party on Saturday; she’s getting a doll and a doll carrier and some bottles and, if I can find some, maybe some little Velcro cloth diapers. I might also try to make some, just really basic little things that she can stick on and take off. She loves telling me that dolls of hers are poopy. It would be cute to make her her own little wipes box, not sure how I’d work that.

We finally made it to the consignment shop during their shortened hours and got the cradle swing and bouncer. I’m very pleased with the ones I got. I really wanted a cradle swing, because I like having options for whether it swings side to side or front to back, because my babies so far have had different preferences. So I got the Fisher Price Precious Planet cradle swing that has a polar bear and penguins on it! Since my husband and I are particularly fans of polar bears and penguins (you can probably guess the penguin thing from this blog’s name), this is a great thing! It’s lovely in color, too. I was a little uncertain about it when I was looking at it, as it was rather dingy and unwashed. I wasn’t sure whether it *had* been washed and the stuff just wouldn’t come off, or whether it was just being sold dirty, which is unusual for this store. I took a gamble and went for it anyway, and it came clean and looks great!

The bouncer is cute, too. It’s a Fisher Price rainforest thing and has a vibrating feature. Cute, lightweight, nice dangling toys, and vibrating… just what it needs to be!

Those are the only big things I really needed for NewBaby. However, it occurred to me today that while I do have baby clothes, I should probably wash them and fold them and put them… where? I need to figure out what to use as a dresser-type thing. Maybe I could use one of the drawers in Charlotte’s dresser, as she doesn’t really need all of them. Of course, that would limit me to being able to access clothes when the girls aren’t sleeping in their room. It might be better to have clothing available downstairs, so I can change her at night, in the middle of the night, during naptime, etc. So I’ll have to fiddle and see if I can figure something out. Perhaps I need to make more of my patented cardboard-box shelves! A bit trashy looking, but they work.

I didn’t get much else done today. I did get some stuff off my old laptop’s hard drive, as my old laptop is dead. I was very thankful that I was able to save some files that I really wanted, like some extra games I made to go along with All About Reading. I keep checking their website to see if they’re offering level 2 yet! Maybe the end of September. I guess it’s kind of silly to keep checking, anyway, as we’ll be visiting my parents for a couple of weeks and it doesn’t make sense to order it until we get back, anyway.

So much to do when I get back, though! I’ll need to plan Jenny’s birthday party, finish getting ready for the new baby, get things finished for my geography curriculum so it’s ready to go when we need it, put through my AAR order, prepare the items when they arrive, and start teaching Jenny to read. And then, when NewBaby arrives, figure out how to do school with a new baby in the house! Should be a pretty exciting fall.