Back, and now mommy of four!

Laundry. Always laundry. Laundry is always the canary in the coalmine around here, the indicator of exactly how far behind I am in terms of keeping the house in any sort of proper state. Right now? There are three loads of unfolded clean laundry in the living room, several loads’ worth of laundry in a pile in the basement, and full laundry baskets. The most I can say is that I finally washed the diapers. Of course, they’re still in the washer and need to be moved to the dryer. But at least they’re clean.

I suppose you were *expecting* me to lead with the announcement of thearrival of our new baby girl. So, okay. New baby! I’ll be calling her “Megan” on this blog (not her real name, but close enough). Megan was born on October 12th, after a zillion hours of labor. She’s an adorably sweet baby who *loves* to sleep and doesn’t really see the point in being awake aside from nursing occasionally.

Now that Megan is here and I’ve mostly recovered from childbirth, I’m trying to get the kids started with school again. We’ve taken a lot of time off this fall, with a visit to our parents’ state in early September, then getting the house ready for Megan, then my parents’ visit around the time of her birth, etc. So we started back up this week. I’m trying to gradually start our subjects up again, not jumping into everything at once.

When we’re short on time or have had a lot of time off, we usually do math and handwriting, then Emily reading, then I do the reading aloud time (which includes Bible, a devotional, poetry, history, science, and literature). When we’re really on top of things, we do several sessions of math, spelling, Chinese, language arts, and reading lessons.

So at the moment, we’re up to two sessions of math (coins and the Singapore math program), handwriting, language arts, and then our reading time. We’re on Week 27 of Core A, our Sonlight program, and we’ve been getting a week done in about 3 days, so I expect to finish in about two months. We’ll see, of course. But I’m excited about seeing how well my program will work after all the time I spent working on it. I just ordered the last few books/CDs that I need, so those should arrive over the next week or two, and I can get them labeled and have everything ready. I’ll hit a complication when we move, obviously, since I’m relying so much on library books, but I’ll deal with that when I come to it. I may be able to alter things a bit by getting different library books when necessary, or perhaps ordering a few that I can’t find elsewhere and can’t replace.

All About Reading finally released level 2, so I’ve been working on getting level 2 set up for Emily, and level 1 for Jenny. I want to make them reusable from kid to kid, not to mention a little hardier so we can play the games more than once. So I’ve been trying to color in the things that are black and white and use clear contact paper to “laminate” things. I’m also copying some things onto colored cardstock. I’m hoping to get that done within the next few weeks, as the kids are raring to go.

But meanwhile, I’ve got a birthday party to prepare for. Jenny turns 4 in a few days, so we’ll be having her party on Saturday. Two little friends are coming, Hannah and Claire. We’re having a doggie party, which is something new. So far I have two doggie-themed games… pin-the-tail-on-the-doggie and toss-the-doggie-a-bone. I’ll include pictures once I finish making them. I have doggie plates and cups and tablecloth, candy for goody bags, and some tiny little dogs to go on the cake. So I’m mostly ready! Just need to… clean the entire house. See the first paragraph re: laundry.

So the next week will be a whirlwind of school and house cleaning to get ready for the party! I like having parties for the kids, but it’s always a relief when it’s over. Especially the cleaning part, so that we can sink back happily into our muck. Or something like that. 🙂